Ruptela Life 2023: A Year in Review

Ruptela Life 2023:

A Year in Review

The year 2023 brought both challenges and significant achievements for Ruptela. It was a year marked by new, ambitious projects, the launch of innovative device families, and meticulous planning to meet our global markets’ ever-evolving requirements and our valued clients’ expectations. 

As a responsible company, it is our duty to provide our esteemed partners with insights into Ruptela’s journey throughout the past year. 

The year 2023 began with several significant achievements:


Ruptela embraces laser labeling

Starting in January 2023, Ruptela has changed the device labeling processWe have introduced laser integration into our production process, meaning all Ruptela products now feature laser-printed labels directly on the device. 

Why the change?

Sustainability drives us, and we’ve invested in a laser machine in the manufacturing department in Kaunas to reduce our environmental impact. These laser-engraved labels offer extended durability and protection during transportation, addressing the limitations of traditional sticky labels. 


More than 2 000 000 devices are manufactured and spread worldwide

The onset of 2023 held special significance for us as a GPS tracker manufacturer. We celebrated a monumental achievement: the production of over 2 million devices! 

This milestone, however, is just the beginning of Ruptela’s future success story. We are committed to relentless investment in technological advancements, developing cutting-edge GPS tracking products, and continuously committing to our partners and clients. Expect exciting new projects, an expanded product portfolio, and high-quality devices, all offered at a reasonable price. 


Ruptela's strong position as 5th in the Top 10 Hardware Manufacturers

Securing 5th place among Wialon’s TOP 10 GPS hardware manufacturers is a testament to Ruptela’s dedication and relentless efforts. Our company’s consistent presence in this elite group reflects the trust in our devices by Wialon partners for their telematics and IoT projects. This achievement distinguishes us from over 700 other manufacturers, reaffirming our reputation for delivering high-quality devices 

Last year, our R&D team achieved outstanding productivity, developing new devices and implementing over 60 feature releases to enhance existing trackers

We created three highly competitive devices that revolutionize vehicle tracking, streamline installation, and provide a hassle-freePlug & Playexperience. These additions have set the stage for our innovative Eco5 device family, combining a refreshed appearance with significant technological advancements. Additionally, the popular device, HCV5, is back on track. 

3 new Ruptela devices in the market

Trace5 TT

Trace5 Trailer Tracker

Trace5 Trailer Tracker is a compact GNSS-based Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) tracker that encompasses all the essential features for vehicle and trailer tracking as well as fleet management. This advanced device uses GNSS signals to acquire precise location data and transfers it to a server through cellular connectivity options, including LTE Cat M1, NB-IoT, or GSM networks. 

Trace5 BM edition

Trace5 Battery Mounted

Trace5 Battery Mounted – a compact GNSS-based AVL tracker with essential vehicle tracking and fleet management features explicitly designed for battery-mounted applications. It utilizes GNSS signals for accurate positioning and transfers data via 2G (GSM) and LTE Cat M1/NB2 or LTE Cat1 (4G) networks. With a premium GNSS module from U-blox, Trace5 delivers reliable location data for diverse industries. 

Simplify your fleet management with Trace5. 

plug5 c


Plug5 is designed for precise vehicle tracking and can perform advanced tasksread OBD2 and CAN data, monitor driver behavior, detect and reconstruct accidents, reduce maintenance costs, etc. Additionally, using a harness makes it possible to read data from different types of vehicles.

The return of the reliable and highly advanced data-providing GPS tracker – HCV5, your best solution for fleet management. 

HCV5 front without background e1711359991924


HCV5 is an advanced device that not only tracks vehicles but also reads onboard computer data (CAN), monitors driver behavior, remotely downloads tachograph data, manages fuel, and more. It can be used for trailers, refrigerators, axle weight monitoring, cargo condition tracking, and other solutions with added accessories. With its comprehensive features and flexibility, HCV5 is the device fit for all business needs. 

It’s the ultimate solution for comprehensive fleet management and optimization. 

Eco5 is a groundbreaking GPS tracker family redefining fleet management. With its sleek, efficient design, top-notch data performance, and premium quality, ECO5 is the future of Ruptela GPS tracking. Arriving in 2024.  

Eco5 5w LTE EMEA e1711360060982


Eco5 is a very compact and universal GNSS-based vehicle tracker for fleet management. It offers 4G+2G connectivity and a premium GNSS module, ensuring reliable and accurate data transmission. An IP68 version of the device with rugged housing provides complete protection against water, dirt, and mechanical factors. This version is engineered to withstand harsh environments and can be installed outside the cabin, near the engine, while maintaining optimal performance and functionality. 

Throughout 2023, we successfully expanded the supported vehicle list, and this year, our commitment to enhancing compatibility continues. We aim to ensure that Ruptela trackers are compatible with various vehicles. Furthermore, as a hardware manufacturer, we continuously explore new solutions to provide you with high-quality data from your vehicles. Our goal is to enhance your driversand passengerssafety and security and give you better control over your cargo.


Expansion of the supported vehicles list – supported more than 85% of vehicles

In mid-2023, Ruptela’s dedicated R&D team achieved another significant milestone in our Supported Vehicle List expansion project. By mid-June, our devices had successfully supported over 85% of European light vehicles manufactured since 2010. This achievement underscores our dedication to offering comprehensive solutions and ensuring compatibility across various vehicles. 


Developed a Reefer Solution that guarantees the safety and security of your cargo

Our team introduced the Reefer Solution for cargo transportation at the start of the last quarter. Thermoking SLX and HCV5 technology partnership promises a game-changing cargo monitoring and protection solution. We’ve also developed the Thermoking Harness for easy HCV5 installation and Pro5 trackers for Thermo King trailer reefers with Smart Reefer HMI, enabling CANbus data reading. A spare socket is available for additional accessory connection.

2023 was characterized by several significant projects and numerous smaller ones that further fortified Ruptela’s position as one of the leaders in the telematics industry. We successfully established a new distribution channel in Africa and witnessed the continuous growth of our business in the UAE and Middle East markets. 


Big projects/use cases

We frequently emphasize the versatility of our devices, showcasing their applicability across various industries, businesses, and use cases. Over the past year, we’ve undertaken several intriguing projects and explored diverse use cases, each tailored to different regional needs and priorities. Discover more about these endeavors and their outcomes. 


Real-Time Tire Monitoring for Australian Logistics

In Australia’s thriving logistics industry, precise tire pressure monitoring is vital for safety and efficiency. Ruptela, in collaboration with partners like Air Brake Corporation and Pacific Telematics, customized the HCV5 GPS tracker to meet these requirements. 


Heavy commercial vehicles transporting multiple cargos demand robust tire monitoring solutions to optimize fuel efficiency and reduce emissions. 


The adapted HCV5 device provides real-time monitoring of multiple trailers, tracks tire pressure, temperature, and other critical parameters, ensuring environmental protection and seamless connectivity. 


Equipping each trailer with the adapted TPMS system enhances asset protection, reduces costs, improves efficiency, and promotes better driver behavior. Recent updates allow monitoring of up to 32 tires simultaneously. 

Future Goals: 

Continued collaboration aims to exceed the current limit of 32 tires monitored, enhancing safety, security, and efficiency in Australia’s logistics industry. 


Streamlining Automotive Operations with Plug-and-Play Harnesses

Efficiency is crucial in the automotive sector. Fleet management sought to simplify processes in Europe, opting for plug-and-play harnesses. 

Challenges and Goals: 

Complex installations and specialized skills posed challenges. Simplification, efficiency, and cost reduction were the objectives. 

Implementation and Results: 

Integrating plug-and-play harnesses simplified installations, reduced costs, and enhanced operational efficiency. 

Efficiency and Benefits: 

Plug-and-play harness adoption led to decreased installation costs, streamlined operations, and standardized device configuration. 


The success of plug-and-play harnesses demonstrates innovation and efficiency, offering potential industry-wide benefits. 


Enhancing Fleet Compliance with Ruptela's Trace5-LTE-EMEA BT

Ruptela’s Trace5-LTE-EMEA BT has achieved official approval from Asateel, a pivotal regulatory authority in Abu Dhabi’s transportation sector. This approval signifies a significant milestone in ensuring compliance with traffic and transport regulations. 

About Asateel: 

Asateel is a groundbreaking platform tasked with overseeing compliance among commercial transport operators in Abu Dhabi. By enforcing relevant traffic and transport regulations, Asateel plays a vital role in enhancing the efficiency, accountability, and safety of various commercial transportation modes. 

Significance of Approval: 

Ruptela’s Trace5-LTE-EMEA BT approval from Asateel marks a substantial advancement in ensuring adherence to Transport Regulations. This endorsement confirms that Ruptela’s technology seamlessly aligns with Asateel’s standards, contributing to a more streamlined and efficient transport system. 


The approval of Ruptela’s Trace5-LTE-EMEA BT by Asateel underscores the commitment to compliance and safety within Abu Dhabi’s transportation sector. This project represents a significant step forward in leveraging technology to enhance regulatory adherence and operational efficiency. 


B2C Expansion in LATAM

Ruptela embarked on a B2C project in LATAM in collaboration with one of the region’s major players in the telematics industry. This strategic partnership marked the initiation of a B2C channel, aiming to broaden Ruptela’s market reach and accessibility in the region. 

Project Scope: 

The project began with the introduction of our Trace5 LTE-LA basic and IP67 versions, tailored specifically for the LATAM market. These devices were designed to meet the region’s unique demands and preferences of B2C customers. 

Custom Developments: 

The B2C project facilitated easier access to Ruptela devices for end consumers, even enabling purchases at petrol stations and other convenient spots. This initiative streamlined the buying process, enhancing customer satisfaction and driving increased adoption of Ruptela products among B2C clients. 

Enhanced Accessibility: 

The B2C project facilitated easier access to Ruptela devices for end consumers, even enabling purchases at patrol stations and other convenient spots. This initiative streamlined the buying process, enhancing customer satisfaction and driving increased adoption of Ruptela products among B2C clients. 

Growth and Learnings: 

Engaging in this project provided invaluable growth opportunities for Ruptela as a company, as well as for our team of professionals and manufacturing capabilities. The experience garnered from this endeavor has enabled us to refine our strategies, broaden our market presence, and strengthen our position as a trusted telematics solutions provider. 


The B2C expansion project in LATAM has been instrumental in expanding the accessibility and adoption of Ruptela devices among end consumers in the region. By leveraging strategic partnerships, tailored developments, and enhanced accessibility channels, Ruptela continues to drive innovation and growth in the telematics industry. 

Upcoming future projects for 2024


Ruptela's GPS Solutions for Mining Efficiency


  • Coordination. Mining operations require precise coordination and safety measures. 
  • Safety. Hazardous conditions pose risks to workers and assets. 
  • Fleet management. Managing a fleet of vehicles and machinery is complex. 
  • Maintenance. Regular maintenance is essential to avoid breakdowns. 
  • Compliance. Meeting regulatory standards is crucial for mining companies. 

Ruptela’s Solution: 

  • Real-time tracking. GPS trackers provide visibility and control over assets. 
  • Safety measures. GPS enables effective emergency response and personnel monitoring. 
  • Fleet optimization. Ruptela’s GPS solutions streamline route planning and fuel usage. 
  • Maintenance scheduling. Trackers help schedule preventive maintenance, reducing downtime. 
  • Regulatory compliance. GPS data supports regulatory reporting and compliance verification. 


  • Increased productivity. Enhanced coordination and optimized fleet management boost efficiency. 
  • Improved safety. Real-time tracking and emergency response measures enhance worker safety. 
  • Cost savings. Reduced fuel consumption and maintenance costs lead to savings. 
  • Enhanced asset management. Proactive maintenance scheduling extends equipment lifespan. 
  • Regulatory compliance. Ruptela’s GPS solutions assist in meeting regulatory requirements. 

By implementing Ruptela’s GPS solutions, mining companies can overcome challenges, improve efficiency, ensure safety, and meet regulatory standards effectively. 


New distribution channel in Africa

Every year, we strive to make purchasing and utilizing Ruptela devices as effortless as possible. We are committed to expanding our presence in global markets and adapting our business strategies to suit each market’s unique conditions. This commitment led us to introduce a new distribution channel in Africa, partnering with SYBYL as our esteemed distributor in the African region. 

African distribution channel NL

Continuously expanding our presence in the UAE market and diligently adhering to all government requirements for our devices

This year, we introduced a newly formed team for Ruptela FZCO branch. In addition, several Ruptela GPS trackers, such as HCV5 Lite & Trace5, have successfully met Secure Path regulations, and our recently developed Plug5 EMEA NA BT trackers have obtained TDRA certification. For more information, please click on the buttons below. 

The year was packed with exhibitions,
company events, and significant milestones!

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