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Eco5 is a very compact and universal GNSS-based vehicle tracker designed for fleet management. It offers 4G+2G connectivity and a premium GNSS module, ensuring reliable and accurate data transmission. Additionally, an IP54 and IP68 versions of the device with a rugged housing provide complete protection against water, dirt, and mechanical factors. This version is engineered to withstand harsh environments and can be installed outside the cabin, near the engine, while maintaining optimal performance and functionality.

*The IP68 housing versions are coming soon.

Key values:


Small size  

Extremely compact, with a thickness of just 14 mm.


Low power consumption 

In deep sleep mode, this product achieves an unprecedented level of power efficiency, with exceptionally low power usage of just 0.5 milliamperes.


Excellent performance  

Premium GNSS by u-blox, high-quality components


Easy installation & use  

Compact dimensions, ergonomic design, tool-free assembly, dedicated utilities (Device Center, Installation Assistant), and wireless capabilities characterize this product.



Jamming detection, backup battery​.


Full solution from one supplier 

GPS/GNSS tracking device combined with suitable accessories​.


Outstanding housing resistance

GPS tracker offers increased resistance to external environmental conditions, with a target IP rating of 54, while achieving IP68 rating ensures its ability to thrive in harsh environments.


BLE 5.0

For various wireless accessories.

  • Motorcycle tracking​
  • Electric vehicle tracking​
  • Real-time monitoring of fleets and cargo ​
  • Fleet efficiency optimization ​
  • Driver behavior monitoring and education​
  • Ensures driver, vehicle, and cargo safety and security ​
  • Cargo conditions monitoring ​
  • Accident detection​
  • Stolen vehicle recovery​
  • Driver identification​

  • Connectivity: 4G Cat-1 and 4G Cat M1 options with 2G fallback
  • 1x Digital output (DOUT)
  • 1x Digital input (DIN)
  • 1x Combo analog/digital input
  • BLE Low energy 5.0
  • IP54 housing version available

Detailed specification

EN Eco5 Lite datasheet v1.7 page 0001

All manuals are available at

  • Connectivity: 4G Cat-1 and 4G Cat M1 options with 2G fallback
  • 4x Digital input (DIN)
  • 2x Digital output (DOUT)
  • 2x Combo analog/digital input (AIN/DIN)
  • 1x 1-wire interface
  • BLE Low energy 5.0
  • Availability of both IP54 and IP68* housing versions

*IP68 is coming soon

Detailed specification

EN Eco5 datasheet v1.4 page 0001

All manuals are available at

  • 9-97V DC power supply acceptance
  • Connectivity: 4G Cat-1 and 4G Cat M1 options with 2G fallback
  • 1x Digital output (DOUT)
  • 1x Digital input (DIN)
  • 1x Combo analog/digital input
  • BLE Low energy 5.0
  • IP68 housing version available

*Coming soon.

  • Connectivity: Cat-1 with 2G fallback
  • BLE Low energy 5.0
  • IP68 housing version available

*Coming soon.

Device Center: configure trackers with ease

Ruptela tracking devices are configured using the Device Center application.

Device Center is a clear and user-friendly application with semi-automated configuration.  All-new design and configuration process improvements help new and advanced users with tracker configuration.

Device Management Platform: Remote configuration and firmware updates of HW devices

Device Management Platform is a dynamic online solution that allows remote configuration and firmware updates of GPS tracking devices. The platform gives the possibility to monitor the installed base from a single point of command. It is a complementary solution to all compatible Ruptela’s hardware devices.

  • Eco5 Lite:
    • Eco5-5W-LTE-EMEA-IP54
    • Eco5-5W-LTE-LA-IP54
    • Eco5-5W-LTM-IP54
  • Eco5:
    • Eco5-12W-LTE-EMEA-IP54
    • Eco5-12W-LTM-IP54
    • Eco5-12W-LTE-LA-IP54
    • Eco5-12W-LTE-EMEA-IP68*
    • Eco5-12W-LTM-IP68*
    • Eco5-12W-LTE-LA-IP68*
  • Eco5 Lite+*:
    • Eco5-5W-LTE-EMEA-V+-IP68
    • Eco5-5W-LTE-LA-V+-IP68
    • Eco5-5W-LTM-V+-IP68
  • Eco5 BM*:
    • Eco5-2W-LTE-EMEA-IP68

*Coming soon

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