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Get all the technology to launch and scale your own car rental,  car-sharing and corporate fleet business.
Focus on business development and commercial activities, while we take care of the technological part.

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Integrate and launch a new business with our solution in one day.

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Forget about daily maintenance and issues solving by yourself with our high-quality end-to-end service.

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Apply the solution for different use cases:  free-floating, car rental, corporate fleets and initiate ondemand developments.

Smart Technology for Your Mobility Business


Feature Overview

Manage your cars, users and settings in one place

Live data – View live location, car parking monitoring, fuel level, battery level, historical data, and more.

Alerts and notifications – Receive alerts for vehicle maintenance (e.g., low oil level), safety (seatbelt status, overspeeding), and other events.

Car servicing – Schedule car servicing based on data received from CANbus, TPMS, and other systems.

Driver behavior monitoring Track vehicle’s driving behavior, such as wasted fuel and efficiency.

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Powerful API for Flawless Business Operations

Lock and unlock – Create a seamless experience for users with the car locking solution based on GSM and Bluetooth. Lock and unlock the car instantly.

Block and unblock  – Prevent the vehicle from unauthorized theft by remotely blocking the ignition.

Secure Bluetooth Key – Enable fleet usage in different conditions such as underground park places, mountains, etc. where user phones are out of coverage.

Powerful API – Control the car and collect deep telemetry data about the vehicle in real-time (location, fuel levels and more). Using our API you can integrate and start your business in a day.

High availability – we offer a world class service availability of 99.5% and low latency on device communication.

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Make cars shareable in no time

Easy-to-set-up products come with all the required tools, manuals, guidelines and vehicle support of the newest models. With everything in place, it will take no time for installers to set-up the vehicle.

  • Detailed installation manuals to each car model
  • Designed for quick installation for feature-rich functionality
  • Ruptela on standby assistance
  • Vehicle support on demand
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Ensure maximum privacy, safety and security

In a connected world, the security of used technology is critical. Whether it is a physical or digital threat, our technology is fully protected. With TLS security certificate, tamper detection, dual-antenna for in-car device and car ignition blocking (intelligent immobilization after the trip ends), our technology is ready to overcome any intentional threats. Central lock and door status monitoring to notify if car lock was successful.

Features such as accident detection and car towing detection help to investigate various incidents, that often happen in the mobility business.

Secure Bluetooth functionality enables proximity-based user access management to prevent cars from being unlocked by unauthorized users or if they are too far away.

Our used products and services also comply with international laws to protect personal data.

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Customer Story

SPARK is one of the first companies to use Ruptela keyless technology.

The first fully electric sharing company SPARK provides urban mobility solutions to our communities to move sustainably, efficiently, and safely. Since starting their business in 2016 in Vilnius, they have grown exponentially and now also offer services in Sofia and Bucharest to their fast-growing customer base. Using SPARK mobile app, vehicle reservation, accessibility, and billing information is just a few clicks away.

“Our telemetry partner Ruptela had been instrumental to the successful roll-out of more than 1500 electric vehicles in the current SPARK fleet. We have grown together while improving reliability and customer satisfaction, which will take SPARK fleet to 2000 vehicle fleet by the end of 2023 2nd quater” – Spark Team

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Best Used For

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Mobility Platform Providers

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Car Rental

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Corporate Fleets

Mobility Platform & Booking App

Develop your own sharing software on top of our open APIs to differentiate, react to changing conditions, and optimize your service operation efficiency.
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