HCV5 Lite GPS tracker approved by Secure Path

HCV5 Lite GPS tracker approved by Secure Path (SIRA)

Secure path

The extra mile is never crowded! We proudly announce that our HCV5 Lite GPS tracker has been approved by Secure Path (SIRA) in Dubai. This indicates that the HCV5 Lite device meets the highest security and safety standards as required by the Government of Dubai.

HCV5 Lite highlights

HCV5 Lite is a future-proof GPS tracker designed for heavy and light commercial vehicle tracking that can perform advanced tasks – read onboard computer data (CAN), monitor driver behavior, remotely download tachograph data, manage fuel, etc. The device supports 4G (LTE CAT1) connectivity with 2G fallback.

Key technical features:

  • 4G (LTE CAT-1, LTE CAT-M1) versions with 2G fallback supported
  • CANbus reading (FMS, J1708, J1939)
  • Digital tachograph data reading (.ddd)
  • Built-in battery
  • 1x RS232 (switchable), 1x RS485 (switchable), 1x K-Line (switchable)
  • 3x Digital inputs, 2x Analog inputs, 2x Digital outputs, 2x CAN interfaces, 1-Wire interface
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Check out the video about HCV5 Lite device!