Benefits for Providers

We are the one provider for a complete fleet management solution – hardware, software, support, integration and connectivity. Our partners can fully focus on sales and greatly benefit from our knowledge base, tips and training. We help service providers to achieve greater growth in the long and short term through close partnership, knowledge and experience, providing all needed technology, product and service quality.

Close partnership

We adapt to our partners’ business models and culture, and build trust with real examples of business practices. To make the partnership stronger, we focus on long-term, not just short-term contracts.

One technology provider

We own the whole value chain from production to after-sale, and take responsibility at every step. This allows us to offer a full product range – from basic to advanced GPS trackers, a variety of software features and extra accessories for more specific needs.
In addition, we adapt our products to different markets and are always looking for new segments.

Knowledge and experience

Close work with end-users allows us to identify their needs first hand and create solutions that solve real, everyday problems. Working with businesses in 127 countries has given us extensive international experience and deep understanding of different regions and cultures.

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