Year in review: GPS tracking hardware

Let’s look back at the most significant moments of 2018 for our GPS tracking hardware.

In April FM-Eco4 light S series was released. It is an upgrade of FM-Eco4 light series, with main improvements being at better processor, faster GPS fix, 6 V DC input and 2x configurable DINs.

In October we have launched FM-Eco4+ S. Compared to its predecessor, the new version comes with improvements, that simplify the installation process and makes it even more resistant to the harsh environment. Moreover, now our IP67 certified device is available with an internal antenna.

In December we have introduced installation harnesses, that help to save up to 50% of installation time. Five harness types designed for the most popular GPS tracker installation scenarios.

Installation harness
Eco4 S cropped

Though still ongoing, we have made significant improvements to our solution for light commercial vehicles. LCV reading via OBD2 is now more reliable and more comfortable.

Last year we had manufactured a record number of GPS trackers – 300 000. But most importantly with the increased quantity, we managed to keep a steady quality rate of 99.9%!

Other notable projects from 2018:

  • Launched the automatic accelerometer calibration feature which makes calibration fully automatic and saves a good amount of time.
  • Significantly reduced device power consumption which helps to avoid dead battery situations.
  • Took our hardware documentation to the next level.
  • Worked a lot on trailer data reading and now we can successfully work with Wabco, Haldex and Knorr-Bremse trailers.
  • Completed an integration with Continental tire pressure monitoring system ContiPressureCheck.
  • Successfully tracked an electric vehicle that set a new record in Lithuania.
  • Successfully monitored a 23 000 km journey via remote areas.