New GPS Tracker: FM-Eco4+ S

FM-Eco4+ S is a rock-solid vehicle tracker with all essential tracking features and simple installation.

Eco4 S side

FM-Eco4+ S

FM-Eco4+ S is designed to successfully operate in harsh conditions and to resist external damage sources. The new design of FM-Eco4+ S also makes installation much easier. Moreover, the new device is available with internal (FM-Eco4+ S) or external (FM-Eco4+ E S) antenna. FM-Eco4+ S is a standard GPS tracker with all essential features for fleet management. It is the newest Ruptela tracker released in 2018.

"It is a perfect choice for everyone looking for a standard GPS tracker with extremely high reliability" - Steven


Built to last

  • 99.9% built quality (Made in EU)
  • New housing with more mechanical strength
  • Fully waterproof (IP67 certified)
  • Built-in battery
  • Sleep and deep sleep modes
  • Certification: E-mark, CE, RoHS, IP67

Simple installation

  • Shape optimized to be used with zip-ties
  • Strengthened screw pillars
  • LED indicators visible from front and side
  • Built-in antennas
  • No special USB configuration cable needed
  • Configuration via SMS

Essential features

  • Real-time data from GPS, accelerometer
  • Driver behaviour monitoring
  • Driver registration and identification
  • Remote ignition blocking
  • Temperature monitoring
  • Geozones and jamming notifications

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FM-Eco4+ S is the latest addition to Ruptela GPS tracking hardware and replaces the popular FM-Eco4+ version. Available with internal or external antenna.

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