Telematics integration with Continental

Our GPS tracker FM-Tco4 HCV is integrated with Continental tire pressure monitoring system ContiPressureCheck. We are glad to be among few confirmed telematics companies that products are compatible with ContiPressureCheck system.

The new ContiPressureCheck system continuously measures the pressure and temperature of all tires on the vehicle – even when the vehicle is being driven. This helps to save fuel and increase mileage. It also significantly reduces the risk of tire failure, whilst maintaining the value of the casing, and thus the retread ability.

ContiPressureCheck 1

ContiPressureCheck system uses tire sensors, that are mounted on the tire inner liner inside a rubber housing and continuously measure the tire pressure and temperature. The system is available from single axle trailer to six-axle vehicle with a maximum of 24 tires. It is suitable for tractors, trailers, buses and coaches.

Using ContiPressureCheck with telematics system allows viewing live inflation pressure and temperature data, as well as to receive real-time alerts when tire pressure or temperature changes. This enables even more efficient fleet management.

More information about ContiPressureCheck system is available at  

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