Tracking the future

Tracking the future! Our friends took KIA SOUL electric vehicle for a challenge – to complete 1000 km with an electric vehicle and set a new record in Lithuania. And we helped to track their trip with our real-time tracking platform TrustTrack.

The crew of four people – A. Bubinas, V. Jarutis, V. Milius and Y. Pratap started the challenge at 16:00 in Palanga, Lithuania. The goal was to complete the challenge in less than 24 hours and be back at Palanga next day before the biggest racing event in Lithuania “Aurum 1006 KM races”. The car used for this challenge was “KIA Soul EV”.


Route was planned with stops at every 150 km to recharge batteries of the vehicle at fast charging stations.

1000 km with electric vehicle were driven in 21 hours 33 minutes and challenge was successfully completed! A new record in Lithuania was set.

We are happy to have been a small part of this challenge!