Website update: choose your region

Now our website is easier to use – you can select your region at the top menu and you will see the best we have to offer for selected region. With partners and clients in 127 countries, it was a logical step to adapt our website to different regions.

New navigation

As mentioned, you can select your region using the top menu (see the picture below).

New navigation menu

You can also select your region using an interactive map (see the picture below). Simply move mouse over your location and click to select your region.
We have grouped our business geography into six main regions – Americas, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Africa, Middle East & North Africa, CIS.

Ruptela regions map


In North America and South America, we work through a network of official distributors. You can find official Ruptela distributors and their contacts here.

This region content is available in English and Spanish versions.


Europe can be called our home region. To meet EU regulations, we have developed a tachograph solution which allows to remotely download tachograph data and time analysis feature to manage driving and resting times. Read more about tachograph solution here.

This region content is available in English and Spanish versions.


Our trackers are approved by most local and international authorities for import and use. Here you can find a list of countries and authorities that our trackers are approved by in Asia-Pacific region.

Middle East & North Africa

In 2014 we have completed a project with Dubai Police and Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) and we are still successfully operating in this region.


One of the most popular solutions in Africa region is our fuel monitoring and control solution. We also have a lease option for our products, which is also very popular.