Tachograph Solution

Manage drivers working, driving and resting times and remotely download tachograph unit data with tachograph solution. This solution will make tachograph file management fast and simple and will help to ensure, that drivers work the appropriate amount of time and do not break any EU regulations.

Remote tachograph data download

Tachograph solution allows to remotely download tachograph unit and driver card data. This eliminates the need for more expensive and time-consuming physical data collection. It also allows to create schedules for automatic download and get additional tachograph data for faults, events, etc.

Tachograph data is provided in .ddd format, which is used and required by most transport-related government institutions.

  • Download tachograph unit data
  • Download driver card data
  • Create schedules for automatic download
  • Get additional tachograph data for faults, events, speed and technical data
  • Driver detection and automatic assignation from driver card
  • Data in .ddd files

Time analysis

Time analysis module in TrustTrack platform allows managing drivers working, driving and resting time. It shows the summary of driver’s day and week – how long has he been driving, working and when he will need to make a daily or weekly rest.

Showing how much time is left to drive or if the driver already exceeded the allowed amount of time, helps to plan vehicle journey more efficiently and helps to avoid fines related to driving time regulation.

  • Time left to drive this day and week
  • Time already driven and worked this day and week
  • Time when to make a next daily and weekly rest
  • Extended driving and reduced rest times

NEW: Tachograph middleware solution

Tachograph solution is now available for any tracking platform!

Download tachograph data files and time analysis reports directly to your computer with Ruptela tachograph middleware solution. This way you won’t need to integrate tracking hardware to your currently used tracking platform.

Tachograph middleware solution downloads tachograph data and time analysis reports directly to computer. You won’t even need to log in to the tracking platform. Moreover, having files and reports from tachograph, you can even start creating your own data analysis tool.

  • Get tachograph data without integrating hardware into your own platform
  • Make your own reporting and data analysis tool
  • Get .ddd files without even logging in to the platform
  • Save integration costs and time
  • Easy and flexible integration using API
  • Make your current solution more advanced

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