Remote Tachograph Data Download

Remotely download tachograph unit and driver card data with TrustTrack software. Make tachograph file management fast and simple.

Tachograph solution will simplify the management of drivers’ working and resting time. It helps to ensure that drivers work the appropriate amount of time and do not break any regulations.


  • Download tachograph data
  • Download driver card data
  • Create schedules for automatic download
  • Get additional tachograph data for faults, events, speed and technical data
  • Driver detection and automatic assignation from driver card


  • No more expensive and time-consuming physical tachograph data collection
  • Prevent from breaking European Union regulations and paying fines
  • Avoid tachograph data being overwritten
  • Timely route re-planning and driver selection
  • Plan longer trips and save time


European Union regulations require to periodically download tachograph unit and driver card data and make it available for up to one year.

How it works

GPS tracking device is connected to a digital tachograph and periodically downloads its data. Downloaded data is sent to a TrustTrack software where it can be downloaded to a computer in .ddd format.

Longer journeys

Remote tachograph data download is especially useful for companies with vehicles driving long distances and international routes, as it eliminates the need for expensive time-consuming physical tachograph data collection.

Easy to use

Tachograph data is provided in .ddd format, which is used and required by most transport-related government institutions. Additional tools for data analysis and created insights will make the work for transport managers and drivers easier.