Fuel Monitoring and Control

Fuel costs can account for one-third of all fleet operation costs. For fleet to be effective and achieve maximum profitability a continuous fuel monitoring and control solution is a must. Ruptela fuel monitoring and control solution provides companies with detailed fuel information and enables them to control and optimise their fuel costs.

Fuel tank control

Monitor where, when and how much fuel was filled into the tank. Make sure, that all purchased fuel was inputted into the tank.

Fuel theft protection

Know where, when and how much fuel was drained from the vehicle and get immediate notifications. Fuel graphic will help you to identify fuel theft events – sudden fuel level drops are marked red and inform about fuel theft.

Compare drivers

Rate drivers or vehicles according to their fuel consumption and traveled distance. Set real fuel consumption rates for vehicles.

Reports and analytics

Analyse fuel level and consumption history to improve fleet management. Save time and create automatic reports for fuel level and consumption and subscribe them via email.

Instant notifications

Get instant notification on fuel draining and re-fueling events via SMS, email or App.

How does it work?

Fuel monitoring and control solution parts:

  • GPS tracking device
  • TrustTrack platform
  • Fuel level sensor

GPS tracking device collects fuel level and consumption information from vehicle on-board computer (CANbus) or from a fuel level sensor, which is installed into the fuel tank. Collected data is transmitted to TrustTrack platform, where the fleet manager can view it and use it to make the right decisions.

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