Erika Belickienė, Senior Marketing Manager

How did you find Ruptela as your employer?

I was lucky that my best friend worked at Ruptela and she knew that I was looking for new job opportunities and believed that I could be the best fit for the newly opened position – marketing manager.

After I was introduced to the marketing role and future projects, I was thrilled to join the team. Let’s say that the referral system worked amazingly that time since I am with Ruptela for more than three years.

How is your team contributing to the company’s growth and goals reached?

I think that my team’s strengths are creativity, dedication, and, of course, one of the biggest ones we have – positivity. Sometimes colleagues from other departments remind us that there is nothing that marketing couldn’t think of or deliver. Ruptela goals are challenging, yet it’s never a dull moment around.

What does it mean for you to work for a company founded by a Lithuanian?

I am proud to work at the company which was founded in Lithuania. Sometimes I have to pinch myself – I work in such an international environment, have colleagues in 7 offices worldwide, and enjoy benefits that not every company is providing.

We always work hard to be one step ahead, but we also enjoy celebrating our victories hard. Ruptela encourages gatherings not only once or twice a year but even quarterly. Teambuilding culture presents me that the company cares about our collaboration within different departments and appreciates social connections. Since my projects are usually connected to tech people, fluent communication between teams makes it easier to succeed.

What’s the best piece of professional advice you’ve ever received?

Eat an elephant one bite at a time.

My manager is more like a mentor to me and this phrase is often on her lips. She is a leader who inspires, coaches, and grows me as a person. I am always eager to work on big, challenging projects and I am happy that here I have this chance to reach (sometimes) unreachable (at first sight) goals. Of course, with that elephant comparison in mind.

What was the biggest yet most pleasant challenge you faced while working at Ruptela?

When I think of that, every project I take has to fit the challenging criteria. The biggest one for me is international client loyalty events that we started organizing in 2018. Two years in a row, we invited our clients worldwide to visit our team, learn about our plans and see beautiful Vilnius with their eyes. It used to be a huge 1- or 2-days conference with product topics, one-on-one meetings, entertainment activities.

With airports shut and 2 meters distance between one another because of pandemics, we had to change our approach and deliver a great customer experience digitally. Well, it was my idea to make it the whole week, instead of a day. And we did!

This huge event with a new format was the “elephant” for my colleagues and me. When the event was over, I was so proud of the result we managed to reach. And some clients said it was the best partnership nurturing event that they have ever participated in.