Department Story



Welcome to the Manufacturing department at Ruptela, where every day is a concentrated mix of structured technical goals, playful innovation, and a spoonful of insight jokes. Trust and teamwork, complemented by a sprinkle of daily horoscope chuckles, keep this team’s spirit high (with Barbora’s cookies on the counter).

Can you describe a typical day in your department?

We have a quick morning meeting to go through the day’s objectives in Manufacturing when everyone has arrived at work. Before we refuel with coffee and get down to business, one of our favorite rituals is to compare horoscopes for the day. Despite being prepared for a demanding day, everyone’s mood is lifted by the laughter and jokes exchanged during these lighter moments. Our schedule is well laid out yet flexible, enabling us to adjust flexibly to unforeseen situations, ensuring we meet our production goals without missing a beat.

What are the major challenges and highlights that the team experiences throughout the day?

When managers in Manufacturing construct ad hoc, unusual teams or assemblies, it becomes clear how difficult it can be to keep everyone on the same page and working together. This scenario truly reflects our flexibility and unity as a team. Our commitment to adaptability shines through as we navigate these innovative arrangements, showing the team’s readiness to venture into new territories. The highlights of our day often originate from our collective ability to adopt change, which brings about enhanced operational efficiency and injects a sense of exploration and learning into our daily work. Before we know it, it’s time to gather once more, share a laugh over the day’s unusual experiences, and look forward to overcoming the challenges of tomorrow.

What serves as the driving force behind the work within this department?

Our secret? A concentrated mix of trust, teamwork, and a sprinkle of daily horoscope reviews. We unite, collaborate, and hustle hard to crush daily goals.

Team photo Kaunas

Could you share an interesting story that has taken place within your department?

We began exploring laser labeling technology last year, opening up a world of possibilities. Despite our intense concentration on producing high-quality GPS trackers, we sometimes paused for some playful, imaginative laser experiments. These short breaks from our regular activities were like ripping open a package of delightful gifts. The department’s lifeblood is creativity, and these lighthearted activities provide our office with a refreshing dose of technical riddles and honest fun.

What compelling reasons are there for individuals to consider joining the Ruptela team?

Besides the dynamic working environment and great, experienced coworkers, we have a few appealing perks. First, there’s the sweet bonus of Barbora’s snacks, where the cookies are guaranteed to satisfy your needs. The latest horoscope insights also keep our staff entertained on a regular basis. We believe that the journey is as important as the destination, which is why we’ve developed a culture at Ruptela that’s fun, fulfilling, and rewarding in equal measure. So come for the interesting tasks, stay for the treats and tales!