Meet Rokas Lileikis- Head of Quality Assurance

MicrosoftTeams image 60How did you find telematics?

I’ve been passionate about electronics and all technical things since I can remember myself. In my early university years, I created a GPS tracker to protect my handmade high-performance electric bicycle. This project helped me to get a chance to attend the Young Business Promotion Study and learn from successful entrepreneurs. This experience made me realize that working for a successful company and growing there at this young age is more valuable than trying to build something from scratch all by yourself. That’s why I’ve joined Ruptela.

What does it mean to be in your position?

Being a Head of Quality Assurance in Ruptela feels like working in the center of the whole product development process. Nowadays, it’s become crucial to be flexible and adapt fast to changing environments while maintaining the quality of the products. But that has the benefit too. Most of the progress was made during these dynamic times.

At the same time, maintaining the well-being of the team members shouldn’t be forgotten. Especially during the pandemic, it’s become more important to understand how employees feel rather than the work itself.

What does it mean for you to work for a company founded by a Lithuanian?

Lithuania has such a great ecosystem for entrepreneurs. It makes me proud to be a part of a startup that has become one of the greatest Tech companies in Lithuania and is known for its telematics solutions in the whole world.

What inspires you?

The first thing that comes to my mind is engaging with the whole product development cycle – from the business case to the first day in production. That naturally creates a caring emotion for every product we release.

Tell us more about your hobbies.

My leisure activities are playing a huge role in shaping my personality. Uncountable electronics projects, the development of high-performance electric bicycles (before they were cool), owning a Vespa’s rental business, and creating a motorcycle dealership gave me valuable lessons that led me to significant professional and personal growth. I believe that the combination of my previous experiences and great mentorship in Ruptela helped me to become who I am right now.