patricijus sumazinta

Patricijus Cvizonas, Head of IT

Tell us about your career path?

Everything started with a passion for tech many years ago, which formed my choice to get my bachelor’s in IT and master’s in Software engineering. I remember that my first step into the professional world started as a 1st line support specialist for dozens of bank applications. Then, as an application specialist, I developed and maintained several fleet management services. To expand my views and skills, I started looking after software licensing, audit and compliance processes. Also, I became responsible for internal IT services like workplaces, HR, document management systems. With all that in mind, I joined Ruptela to ensure that our TrustTrack solution is working with maximum quality and availability worldwide, becoming a number 1 choice for potential clients.

What about stereotypes in tech people? Would you say it is right to believe still that there are some?

During my career journey, being surrounded by developers, service managers, QA specialists, cloud architects, IT professionals and at the same time, being one, I couldn’t draw a picture of a regular/ average tech person. The Tech field is changing every day and diversity is one of the things that makes it so dynamic. I wouldn’t suggest being stuck with biases – no matter your gender, race, experience level, or opinions, the tech sector will accept it all.

What does it mean for you to work at Ruptela?

Working here makes me fulfill my work credo fully – being happy today and calm about tomorrow. Even though I never know what tomorrow holds, I am confident that everything is under control with a team of experts I am working with. Spending my days in a flexible environment, with the ability to own decision making, while being close to clients is empowering.

I started to find one more meaning recently. With the product, vision and aims that we have, I believe that we are becoming an inspiration for other young companies or startups with “everything can be achieved with the right mindset and professional team” attitude. Ruptela started as a startup itself with the founder Andrius Rupšys, being passionate and hungry for more, and look at us now – working with clients worldwide and with no excuse to stop.

What do you find here that is hard to find in other companies?

To put it briefly – it is never a dull moment here. That honest wish to spend time with colleagues after work, having a close partnership with clients (it’s not about quality service and great delivery only – it’s about simple human relationships) and ability to sit with colleagues from so many cultures at one table – this is a great mix that makes Ruptela a special place to work.

How do you unwind after the intensive day?

I support my work-life balance with many hobbies I have. Ironically, my free time shapes how I tend to reach decisions and results – setting goals, acting patiently, and counting risks. I have recently been into running, Kamado chef skills improvement, and billiard games in the evening.