Sarunas Lengvinas

Meet Šarūnas Lenginas, Field Application Engineer Team Lead

What was the moment you knew you’d made the right decision to work here?

I started my career at Ruptela as a salesperson and liked the atmosphere from the very beginning. I soon understood that I am not shining at this position, as I could, considering my technical background. I remember my manager approaching me with the suggestion to shift my career. I got an offer to move to the Technical support department a day after. I felt that listening to employees and finding out their strengths are not just words at Ruptela – talent mobility is a thing. I had a chance to grow as a professional. This “right decision” moment happened more than seven years ago.

What kind of personal qualities your position requires?

Being a Field Application Engineer requires flexibility and discipline. One moment you are talking to the client to find their business targets. Another – already drilling the truck fuel tank for Fuel Level Sensor installation. I wouldn’t say I like any routine, so this never-ending mix of totally different tasks gives a feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction for many years already. However, being flexible does not always mean that you only do what you want. And that’s where discipline is becoming handy as well.

What’s your most exciting office story?

I would say that my office is not just the physical one that is placed in Vilnius. I visit clients worldwide and help them understand our product at its best capability, so this particular story happened in Lima, Peru.

I was providing fuel level sensor training in quite a remote area for one of our customers. We knew that we did not have enough fuel to finish the whole process and expected it to be delivered soon. A car that was bringing much-needed fuel broke down on the way to us with no possibility for a substitute. Eventually, both sides agreed that it is time to break the tank lock from another car that belongs to the same company and take the fuel out in an old-fashioned way. No keys were present, so there was no other way. We did it. The task was completed!

What happened at Ruptela that makes your friends and family say „wow“?

When I moved to the Field Application Engineer position, I knew it would require some traveling time. It wasn‘t a lie – up to this date, I have visited Peru, Chile, Mexico, UAE, Malaysia, Indonesia, Senegal, Kenya, South Africa, Ireland, Germany, Thailand, The Ivory Coast. This list is still ongoing! My friends are always surprised and keep asking me, „Where to next?“. I always have an answer.