Device Management Platform

We simplified the use of Ruptela hardware solutions. Remote configuration and firmware updates of your GPS tracking device are now available with the brand new Device Management Platform.

The platform provides the possibility for off-the-shelf remote configuration and firmware updates of your tracking device, simplifying business processes. It is the complementary and free-of-charge solution to all compatible Ruptela’s hardware devices.

precio de una plataforma de dispositivos de rastreo gps

Key benefits

cotizar plataforma para gestión y control de rastreo gps


cotizar plataforma para gestión y control de rastreo gps
cotizar plataforma para gestión y control de rastreo gps

Main functionalities

Remote Device Management

Mass firmware and configuration updates – Efficient management of the devices.

Pre-configuration – Preset desired configuration right after the purchase while your products are still being shipped. Your settings will be applied upon first power-up.

Near real-time configuration – Minimize device installation errors by quick reaction to configuration faults. Fix any issues remotely while installer and the vehicle are still on the site.

Off-the-shelf device management – Start using Ruptela’s hardware right away without a need to integrate FOTA protocols​.

Full control of devices – Set up and manage all your installed devices in one place.

precio de plataforma de gestion de dispositivos que utilizan gps para seguridad vehicular
proveedores de plataforma para gestion y control de dispositivos gps para vehículos

Your Customer Database Management

Your customer base monitoring – Create, edit and delete your client accounts.

Different user levels – Assign devices, create user roles with different permission levels to different clients.

Simplified Business Processes

Update history – Easily track configuration and firmware changes.

Basic parameters – Update the most frequently used basic parameters online without the need to prepare a configuration file in advance.

Device status Monitor all your devices in one platform and oversee device status.

Seamless integration – Device Management Platform allows integration with your own existing fleet management, ERP, CRM and accounting systems.

plataforma para el control y gestion de dispositivos gps para seguridad vehículos en mexico

Compatibility: Device Management Platform works with 5th generation 4G GPS trackers: HCV5 4G, LCV5 4G and Pro5 4G. Other versions of the devices are coming soon.

precio de software de plataforma para gestion de dispositivos de rastreo gps de vehículos

If you are interested in using Device Management Platform, please contact your Account Manager directly or fill in the form below.

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