Device Center: configure trackers with ease

Configure tracking devices faster and easier with the Device Center.

Device Center is a configurator tool for Ruptela tracking devices. Download Device Center application and try out the better way to configure tracking devices.

  • Automatic updates for the latest firmware and configurator versions.
  • All interrelated settings and IO parameters turn on automatically.
  • Application recommends the most optimal values for settings and parameters.
  • Simple user interface with no unnecessary information and settings.
  • Trackers work with a default configuration (only when used on TrustTrack).
  • Faster configuration process.
  • Interactive geozones.
  • Informational tooltips guide user along the way.
  • Faster technician onboarding.

Device Center is the primary tool to configure Ruptela tracking devices. FM4 configurator version is available via Device Center application as the advanced mode.

Device Center preview. Click to enlarge image.

How to use Device Center

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