Spiking fuel prices. How to deal with it?

Spiking fuel prices.

How to deal with it?

On average, fuel accounts for 60% of a fleet’s total operating costs, making it the second largest fixed expense. Increasing fuel costs can have a devastating effect on the bottom line of businesses where fleet management plays a significant role. These figures may be even higher in 2023 due to the uncertain state of the global economy and the rising cost of energy and fuel. To that end, what steps can a company take to guarantee efficient fuel management for its fleet?

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“To begin, as a company owner, you must be aware of the precise fuel and fleet management expenditures, why these figures are as they are, and whether or not you have a solution to improve them. Today’s telematics options let you keep tabs on gas prices and driver performance, and these capabilities are at the core of Ruptela’s GPS trackers and solutions.” CEO of Ruptela FZCO (Dubai branch) Firas Baklouti explains that businesses can save money on fuel by implementing eco-driving and fuel monitoring technologies.

Due to these reasons eco-driving and fuel-monitoring solutions are the critical focus for all fleet managers. But how exactly does it work and help your business?

Reduce fuel waste caused by drivers‘ behavior

Not only are drivers the most expensive part of managing a fleet, but they are also the most crucial aspect in regulating the fleet’s second-biggest cost – fuel. Breaking the speed limit and aggressive acceleration and braking increase fuel waste by 15%-30% on the highway and by 10%-40% in stop-and-go traffic.

For fleet managers, eco-driving and other telematics technologies can reveal patterns in fuel consumption and help them set targets for driver behavior. How does it work?

  • Rank and analyze for enhanced performance

With the help of analytics and informative reports on driver behavior, you can see where your driving skills and knowledge could be improved. To reduce emissions and save money on fuel, drivers need to know how to modify their driving habits. Using this information, you can design an incentive program for your drivers that will encourage them to become safer on the road while also helping you cut costs.

  • Optimize consumption of cost reduction

Benefit from reduced fuel consumption and optimized overall vehicle wear and tear including tires, brakes and AdBlue levels.  Minimize your impact on the environment by lowering unnecessary CO2 emissions. Be precise about the average weight of the vehicle and cargo for the best fuel consumption and driver performance evaluation.

Most importantly, our calculations and data from our GPS trackers show that fuel efficiency can save about 2 liters per hundred kilometers of diesel, which is roughly 500 grams of carbon dioxide not released into the atmosphere.

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Control and monitor your fuel tank

As a crucial part of fleet management, keeping track of fuel data is essential because of the impact it can have on expenses regardless of how well you drive. Organizations can maximize productivity by tracking the date, location, quantity, and remaining quantity of fuel in each vehicle’s tank.

Based on this information, you can manage fuel consumption and make decisions about where and how to make improvements. The use of telematics tools and solutions has the potential to significantly reduce these costs. Now more than ever, monitoring fuel usage is a breeze, thanks to cutting-edge add-ons that work together with GPS trackers to glean information directly from the fuel tank. For instance, Ruptela recommends installing Fuel Level Sensors in your vehicles, which then send data to a GPS tracker, allowing you to monitor fuel levels, verify that all purchased fuel was actually poured into the tank, and obtain information regarding fuel draining, among other uses.

Decrease instances of fuel theft

Theft of fuel is still a major problem around the globe, and rising fuel prices are a contributing factor to the increase in fuel theft that has been observed over time. The likelihood of a fuel tank being broken into as diesel prices rise is higher. To control how much gas a given vehicle has purchased and when, it helps to have a good system for tracking data about which vehicles are at which stations. False spending and skewed fuel consumption data could result if accurate information is lacking.

Here, a well-chosen telematics solution can aid in its safety and help prevent fuel theft. Devices equipped with Ruptela can gather this information and receive real-time alerts when fuel is being wasted. Fuel theft events can be detected with the aid of the fuel module, which displays potential fuel theft events as sudden drops in the fuel consumption graph.

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Manage your fuel data and help your business grow

Many problems, such as fuel waste, theft, and rising fuel costs, can be avoided with the help of telematics. Here at our company, we pay close attention to what our clients say and tailor our services and products to meet their specific requirements. The telematics sector constantly develops cutting-edge technologies and methods for optimizing fleet management. Take our provided shortcut to your growth!