Ruptela – the winners of IoT Project of the Year 2022

A few months ago, our company filled out the application for the Wialon IoT Project of the Year 2022 – the annual telematics and IoT contest held for the third time. Organizations from different countries worldwide and various industries join this competition for the professional evaluation of their projects and global recognition. For Ruptela, it was our first time participating in such an event.

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This application was filled with our business partner Xsense and a joint project for Thailand Post Distribution. Within this project’s scope, we aimed to solve the everyday operating issues of Thailand Post Distribution Co. Ltd. The hero product for this project was our company’s Pro5 device with advantageous features that helped to manage all the daily tasks of this company.

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Our client faced these daily challenges:

  • Ensure that only authorized employee is driving the vehicle.
  • Reduce the probability of thefts or robberies.
  • Reduce losses related to stolen cargo and vehicles.
  • Save fuel costs.
  • Improve driver’s eco-driving skills like:
  • Over speeding.
  • Harsh braking.
  • Harsh acceleration.


We solved the driver’s identification problem with our device, supported by MCR (Thailand Magnetic Card Reader) accessory. It allowed our client to monitor and control who is driving the vehicle. This solution helped decrease unauthorized vehicle driving, thefts, and robberies of clients’ cargo and transport goods, meeting the government requirements:

  • Thailand government regulations require logistics companies to have driver identification solutions for all heavy commercial vehicles.
  • Ruptela’s Pro5 device with integrated Eco-Drive features solved many driver behavior problems with a voice playback accessory. This solution is dedicated to monitoring drivers’ behavior and alerting them when they are over speeding, using a lot of harsh braking or acceleration. It helps end-users to save on fuel, rank drivers’ and improve drivers’ behavior.
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The main solutions we provided to the client:

  1. Real-time vehicle tracking.
  2. Driver’s registration (Thailand magnetic card reader (MCR)).
  3. Driver’s behavior monitoring, mainly: harsh breaking, harsh acceleration, harsh cornering.
  4. Voice alerts are received by the driver through a voice playback device (speaker) once one of the following actions happens:


  • when the ignition is switched on;
  • every minute (up to 10 times) after the ignition is switched on until the driver registers using MCR;
  • if the registration is unsuccessful or an invalid card is used;
  • when the driver drives above the speed limit. If the driver still drives above the speed limit after 2 minutes, the audio is played once a minute until the driver slows down.


As a result of this project, the fleet GPS tracking solution offered by Ruptela allowed Xsence to provide its client, Thailand Post, with a full-fledged vehicle fleet management system with all the requested features. By the end of the project implementation, 3,100 of the Pro5 devices will be installed in the client’s vehicles.


After all the processes, including application approvals, voting, and winners selection, on the 9th of October, Ruptela was announced as the winner of IoT Project of the Year 2022 in the Local Deliveries category.