Installation harnesses released

We have released 5 new types of harnesses that will make GPS tracker installation faster, easier and more professional.

Harness types

5 types of harnesses are designed for the most popular GPS tracker installation scenarios. Harnesses are available in 14 different modifications – different lengths, fuse types and connectors.

  • Power harness – connects tracker via fuse box.
  • FMS harness – connects tracker via FMS connector.
  • Tacho harness – connects tracker to the tachograph unit.
  • OBD2 harness – connects tracker via OBD2 connector.
  • 9-Pin harness – connects tracker via 9-Pin connector.

Faster installation

Our tests show, that with these harnesses an experienced installer can reduce installation time by half! And for less skilled installers they help to save up to 50% of installation time. To show how easy is to install our GPS trackers using these harnesses we have made a few movies.

OBD2 harness 

FMS harness 

Power harness 

Tacho harness 

More information about installation harnesses –