Installation harnesses

Shorten tracking device installation and reduce faulty installations with installation harnesses.

5 types of harnesses will make tracking device installation faster, easier and more professional. Installation harnesses are easy to use – simply plug one end to the tracker and other to the connector in the vehicle*.

Harness types

5 harness types are designed for the most popular GPS tracker installation scenarios.

  • Power harness. Connects via fuse box for increased safety.
  • FMS harness. Connects via FMS connector. Can receive CANbus and tachograph data.
  • Tacho harness. Connects FM-Tco4 HCV to the tachograph unit.
  • OBD2 harness. Connects via OBD2 connector. Can receive CANbus data. Connection via OBD2 can be used also as a power source.
  • 9-Pin harness.  Connects via 9-Pin connector. Can receive CANbus data (J1708, J1939).

Before ordering see harness compatibility and modifications tables below.

Installation tutorials

Watch installation tutorial movies and learn how to install tracking devices using installation harnesses.

Modifications and compatibility

Installation harnesses are available for all Ruptela GPS trackers (except FM-Plug4). See below detailed harnesses modifications and compatibility tables.

FMS harness modifications:

  • 4 m length with accessory wires
  • 0.5 m with accessory wires
  • 0.5 m no accessory wires

*Tachograph data via FMS harness is available only for FM-Tco4 HCV.

Tacho harness modifications:

  • 1.5 m length
  • 4 m length

9-Pin harness modifications:

  • 9-Pin harness
  • 9-Pin Y-harness

OBD2 harness modifications:

  • OBD2 harness

Power harness modifications:

  • Power harness Fuse Tap ATO (for FM-Eco4 light S series)
  • Power harness Fuse Tap MINI (for FM-Eco4 light S series)
  • Power harness 1 m 3-Wire Fused (for FM-Eco4 light S series)
  • Power harness 1 m 12-Wire Fused (for FM-Eco4 light S series)
  • Power harness 1 m 12-Wire Fused (for Pro and Tco series trackers)
  • Accessory harness 1m 14-Wire (for Pro and Tco Series trackers)

*ATO and MINI are fuse types. Before ordering, please check what fuse types are in your vehicle.

**12-Wire fused harness has 1m length wires, fuse for installation convenience and additional wires for connecting accessories.

9-Pin Harness

FMS Harness

OBD2 Harness

Power Harness

Tacho Harness

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* Before installation GPS tracker must be configured and with a SIM card.