In-Vehicle Driver Tablet with connectivity bundle

Ruptela focuses on exceptional user experience and ease-of-use; therefore, the integrated tablet service with a reliable connectivity bundle guarantees that the driver has no external distractions and only uses the device for work-related purposes.
Reduce fuel consumption, improve fleet safety and set-up a motivation system by monitoring driver behaviour.
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A ready-to-go solution, including the app, tablet, and data connectivity, focuses on a seamless user experience for both – fleet managers and drivers. Built-in industrial navigation makes it convenient and easy to use.



TrustTrack Driver App




Continuous Support

Key Benefits:

  • Improved two-way communication between the driver and the fleet manager.
  • Effortless usage with the tablet being fully prepared with pre-installed apps necessary for the driver and the SIM card for the best connectivity experience.
  • Increased control over driver’s concentration as the tablet comes locked from any unauthorized installations and surfing online- therefore, it can be used for work matters only.
  • Ensured safety of the driver, vehicle, and cargo when the driver doesn’t have to switch between different devices or apps and can use the tablet for work matters only.
  • Guaranteed Remote support anytime when the client needs help with the tablet configurations and the most recent app updates.

Main Functionalities:


Add files in up to 10MB in various formats (excel, word, pdf, .jpg and .png).


Chat, check read (‘seen’ function) and unread messages, see ’sent’ notifications. The dispatcher has the possibility to send the message to more than one driver for the fleet.


Take a photo (with an option to preview the picture before sending it) and send it to the TrustTrack platform.


The driver has the possibility to track his performance regarding Eco-Drive parameters of braking, acceleration, etc.

Tablet contains pre-installed apps:

  • Driver app
  • Camera
  • Gallery
  • Navigation
  • AnyDesk
  • SmartOffice

TrustTrack Driver app – Chief Assistant for drivers and fleet managers

Ruptela’s developedmobile application that improves driver’s and fleet manager’s communication and eases task completionThis easy-to-use allows the driver and the fleet manager to have a conversation and manage tasks and routes when the driver uses TrustTrack Driver App and the fleet manager uses the TrustTrack system. 

TrustTrack Driver app main functionalities

  • Navigation for the predefined road: fixed route option 
  • Task overview 
  • Task completion
  • Task confirmation
  • Tasks completion in the middle of the way 
  • Finished tasks summary
  • Waypoint summary
Driver app (transp)