Truck tracking systems

Truck tracking systems enable logistic companies to significantly increase their efficiency by ensuring smooth communication between truck drivers and control center.Nowadays managing hundreds or even thousands of vehicles many kilometres away from each other sounds close to impossible without a well-implemented truck tracking system.

How does it work?

In order to track a large number of trucks, GPS tracker should be installed. GPS tracker for trucks then transmits data to the fleet management software which portrays all necessary information about the vehicle’s condition and location. Depending on the additional devices installed, control center can track such information as fuel level, cargo temperature, driving style.

Here are some common problems which truck tracking systems can help to solve:

  • Ensuring clients

In case of a product delivery delay, precise tracking systems allow to warn clients about the delay and predict new delivery information.

  • Drivers brakes

Sometimes long-distance drivers may be willing to do their job faster than they are supposed to, in this way sacrificing safety of the cargo as well as themselves. Truck tracking systems can help to monitor drivers’ brakes, ensuring that they are not too tired and can drive safely.

  • Wear and tear of the vehicle

Long-distance drivers may not necessarily treat the vehicles as their own. Aggressive breaking,  heavy acceleration, overspeed for some drivers might be a developed instinct. Tracking systems for trucks can help to observe driving style and act accordingly.

How much does it cost?

It is hard to tell exact price and expenditure of having truck tracking systems implemented. It usually depends on number of vehicles, the type of information business needs to track as well as fleet management software features.