Transport management system

Transport management system is designed to assist business in managing their service, delivery and collection jobs. Fleet management system automates such functions as carrier selection, routing and rating. Furthermore, in the process, it helps users reduce their shipping and labor costs.

Transport management system usually works between a shipper’s order processing and distribution modules. The software examines various transportation scenarios, suggests routing solutions, and selects the best mode and the least-cost provider. It gives full control over daily order, cargo, employee, vehicles and route management tasks.

A transport management system helps you to:

  • Manage all of your inbound, outbound and ex-works transportation processes.
  • Create 100% visibility and transparency for you and your logistics partners.
  • Interface with existing IT systems and external partners through a shared communications platform.
  • Source, procure and manage new carriers.
  • Measure and analyze all transportation activities to optimize performance and increase service levels.

Transport management system helps shippers from many different industries to run their transportation operations more efficiently to cut down on costs.

“Ruptela’s” developed transport management system – OptiTrack, which can give full control over daily order, cargo and route management tasks.