Success story – Polish transport company PHU Zbigniew Podliński on using TrustTrack

Polish company PHU Zbigniew Podliński from Świnoujście is one of our clients satisfied with the use of the TrustTrack system

The company‘s fleet consists of six tractors and fifteen semi-trailers. Experienced drivers mainly operate based on fixed contractual routes between the points in the western part of Poland and Sweden. Other types of routes are occasional.

Until the implementation of the TrustTrack platform, the company had the opportunity to use two other tracking platforms – one of them operated by a Polish manufacturer and the other by an international automotive group. For various reasons, none of them fully met the expectations and the needs of the employees.


Ruptela’s sales representative contacted the company at the right time – they were looking for a new system to implement. The main requirements expressed by PHU were quite simple: in the first place, they needed software primarily to provide the most accurate data on the location of their vehicles on the route, and, secondly, the estimated time of arrival was needed. A representative of Ruptela introduced TrustTrack functionalities to the company’s management during few meetings and offered some attractive terms.

The installation of the system went smoothly and without the need to ground the tractors – the work took place during the weekend. Regarding trucks that were not at the company’s base, Ruptela’s installers were flexible and reached them without any difficulty after having agreed on this in advance. Ruptela’s representative also interviewed the company to get full insight into the company’s specific needs. Based on the answers, two days of training have been organised for employees to get familiar with the use of TrustTrack.

While working with the TrustTrack system, other additional functionalities turned out to be useful. The company successfully incorporated the possibility of remote tachograph reading – previously this task had to be done manually and with the presence of the trucks at the company’s base. Using the TrustTrack, remote tachograph reading can now take place at any time. TrustTrack is also used for comprehensive analysis of the driver’s working time – the system itself monitors the time and marks potential offenses, also generates complete reports on working time. In addition to this, the TrustTrack fulfills its main function: provides information on the location of vehicles at any time, and because of the integration with Google Maps, reading is easy and legible for everyone.

Currently, several employees at the company are using TrustTrack and each benefits from it in a different way – some generate reports and control fuel and driver location, while others use the tachograph readout. Employees point out the ease of use and the intuitive interface of the TrustTrack. After a few months, the system was supplemented with fuel level control modules which were installed in the tanks of trucks. Thanks to the always up-to-date data, the dispatchers have a complete set of information about the fuel level in the tanks and they can also control refueling, consumption, and get alerted about possible losses.

During a year and a half of using the TrustTrack system, the employees of PHU Zbigniew Podliński contacted the support three times, twice with the same problem on the side of the company. The reports themselves were made electronically via e-mail, and problems were resolved quickly using remote desktop software, without the need for technicians to visit the site. The employees of PHU Zbigniew Podliński who operate TrustTrack emphasize that the system works smoothly and meets their expectations 100%.