TransPoland TransLogistica 2017

November marked the 5th time that we have participated at International Transport & Logistics Exhibition TransPoland TransLogistica in Warsaw. This year also marked the 5th time of TransPoland TransLogistica exhibition and it was visited by over 4500 visitors together with over 170 exhibitors from 34 countries. It is the biggest and the most international transport and logistics exhibition in Central and Eastern Europe.

The team

This year we had a booth at A3 and team of four presenting it – Pawel, Małgorzata, Marcela and Marcin. During the three days of the event they managed to meet hundreds of people.


Real-time vehicle tracking and monitoring

From the very first moments of the event TrustTrack, Ruptela real-time vehicle monitoring and control software, was the key attraction to our booth. Specialists from all sorts of companies stopped by our booth to try the TrustTrack software and learn about its wide application in their everyday tasks.

Though TrustTrack has a lot of functions and modules, visitors were particularly interested in two of them-dashboards and Eco-Drive module.

Dashboards show instant fleet overview. Visual, simple and beautiful dashboards allow to keep updated on fleet status in just 15 seconds.

Eco-Drive module generates safety and economy analysis for fleet, driver and vehicle separately. It identifies bad driving habits and allows to understand what bad driving behaviour needs to be fixed in order to maximise vehicles and drivers efficiency.

TransPoland TransLogistica 2017 summarized

By participating in the event since its beginning we can confidently say that with each year it is getting better and bigger. Growing number of visitors and variety of exhibitors only proves its importance in the region. Our team would also like thank everyone who stopped by our booth and took time to learn about Ruptela fleet management solutions.