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If you’re looking for someone who knows how to navigate the ever-changing landscape of GPS tracking solutions, look no further than Natalija Bagašvili. As the Sales Manager for Europe at Ruptela, she’s got a wealth of experience working with clients from all corners of the continent.
From tachograph management to car-sharing, Natalija knows how to find the right solution for each unique case. And when she’s not busy making sales, she’s out exploring the great outdoors, taking stunning photos, and lending a hand in her community. Her positive outlook and can-do attitude are contagious – if you’re feeling stuck, Natalija will show you how to believe in yourself and reach new heights!

Tell us more about yourself and what led you to your current position. What three words would you use to describe your role? 

My name is Natalija Bagašvili, and I’m currently a Sales Manager for Europe. This means I get to work with a wide variety of markets, from Albania to Norway! It’s fascinating to see how different countries can be linked to unique solutions when it comes to GPS tracking, whether it’s tachograph management or car-sharing.
Personally, I find it really enjoyable to dive into the details and understand how each solution works, not just in vehicles but beyond them as well! By doing so, I can identify the best possible options for our clients. This could be as simple as providing them with the necessary hardware or offering them a full solution with TrustTrack, GPS tracking devices, and sim cards to meet diverse needs.

When and why did you join Ruptela’s team?

I do have a story here! It all started when I got a call from a recruitment company offering me a chance to save the day as a temporary replacement for a sick administrator at Ruptela. Little did I know, this was the start of an epic journey that would take me to all corners of the company! After showing off my skills during those three days, Ruptela offered me a more permanent role as an admin/HR. I spent the next three years mastering my craft and keeping things running smoothly behind the scenes.

How does your journey at Ruptela looks like?

Transferred to Sales as Assistant, promoted to TrustTrack account manager, then transferred to European department as Account manager. Still there and loving it! I’ve been a bit of a “department traveler” in the past, but now I’ve settled into my role in the Europe department, and it’s exciting! I’m thrilled to say that I’ll have been here for 3 years soon – time flies when you’re having fun, right

How do you start your day? Please share any rituals or tips&tricks that help you stay productive all-day.

Let me give you a glimpse into my work life. Every day, I sit down with my trusty notebook and jot down my plan. With a different solution to sell every day, it’s never boring. In fact, I love the challenge of discovering potential and upselling to our clients.
But it’s not just about the sale – it’s about building a lasting relationship. I know that other companies are chomping at the bit to get in touch with our clients, so I make sure to stay in good contact and be as flexible as possible.

What motivates you to go to work every day?

Well, there are a couple of things that get me pumped to go to work every day. First and foremost, I absolutely like being a part of the team at Ruptela. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that I’m also motivated by the chance to earn more money through sales. So, between my passion for Ruptela and my drive to make more sales, I’m always ready to tackle whatever the day throws my way.

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What are your job’s most challenging and most cheering elements?

The thrill of a client buying our solutions on the same day is unbeatable, but technical problems and angry clients can also be challenging.

Tell us more about your hobbies

I may not be a talented singer or extreme sports enthusiast, but I do have a real passion for exploring the great outdoors and finding beauty in unexpected places.
Hiking is definitely one of my favorite pastimes – there’s something so refreshing about getting out into nature and breathing in the fresh air. And while I’m out there, I love to snap photos of the stunning landscapes and unique wildlife I come across.
But my hobbies aren’t just about me – I also enjoy giving back to my community. Whether it’s volunteering my time to help those in need or simply lending a hand to lonely old people, I believe in the power of kindness and compassion to make the world a better place.
Of course, I also like to keep my body in motion by staying active and trying new sports. And on the weekends, I love nothing more than embarking on an adventure to explore an abandoned building or hidden gem in the city.

What is your favorite place in the world? Why?

For me, it’s Lithuania! This beautiful country has my heart. From stunning architecture to tranquil natural beauty, there’s always something new and exciting to discover.

And the last one – could you share any advice for those who want to start their career in the telematics industry?

Just try, and believe in yourself.

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