Ning culture week 2
Meet our Sales Manager for Asia and Oceania markets – Praparat or just simply Ning – a true master of combining her Project Sales for Hotel and Building Automation background with GPS services to reach the highest sales targets!
Not majoring in Electronics or Engineering, Ning had yet to learn what telematics meant at the beginning of her career, but now she finds it a fun sector to work in and tackles her job with genuine passion and enthusiasm. Despite the challenges of selling European products to different market perceptions, our Sales Manager uses their convincing, researching, and management skills to overcome obstacles. And when the day is over, Ning unwinds with yoga or pilates and, of course, takes care of her beloved plants (even if Ning presents herself as a terrible gardener!).

Tell us more about yourself and what led you to your current position. What three words would you use to describe your role? 

I’m a Sales Manager for Asia and Oceania markets. My background is in Project Sales for Hotel and Building Automation, including GPS services, so I can combine my two experiences to give the result to my current role. Self-challenging, independency, and result-orientation are three core words for this position.

What made you pursue a career in tech? How did you become interested in telematics and join Ruptela? 

I’m not majoring in Electronics or Engineering but in Foods science. So, telematics was something other than what I thought about from the beginning of my career. What brought me to join Ruptela was the independency that the company gave me to handle my territory.

How does your journey at Ruptela looks like?

I started to handle half of Asia to challenge selling the solutions, then the whole of Asia and Oceania for now.

How do you start your day? Please share any rituals or tips&tricks that help you stay productive all-day.

My position is a remote role. So, I start my day by drinking a full glass of water, watering my plants, taking a shower, then doing a short meditation for 30 mins. These help me focus on my work.

What motivates you to go to work every day?

Customers and I are in a Win-Win ecosystem. They start to contact me in the early morning, talking about their projects and difficulties, and I consult them, including the support to achieve their goals. This is the best motivation to have me enjoy my work every day.

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What are your job’s most challenging and most cheering elements? What do you think is the most exciting part of being a woman in the tech industry? 

Selling European products to different market perceptions is the most challenging. Of course, no one can do everything to reach the goal, so I use my management, convincing, and researching skills plus endeavor to close the deal and achieve the sales target.

How do you balance work and life? 

I usually book yoga/pilates classes at the end of the day to disconnect myself from my laptop. I also take the meditation session if I have time. I always bring a laptop with me when I’m on vacation or go to the gym. This is a good balance for me.

Tell us more about your hobbies

Doing yoga and pilates are my true love. I have been thinking of becoming a certified instructor, but unfortunately, I chose to split my free time to do meditation for mental improvement.

Interesting facts about you.

I am a terrible gardener. I live in a flat, but I love to have my room filled with oxygens, greens, leaves, and flowers. I used to buy pots of herbs like rosemary, thyme, sage, basil, etc. Then, one week later, they usually kept getting weak and dead in the end, although I followed the instructions carefully. I even opened Air-con and sprayed the water for my Ballon flowers (many pots) during the day – the same situation happened again. Yeah… it’s a sad story. I admire people who just throw the seeds on the soil, then the sprouts grow up happily – they are gifted. Now only some die-hard plants could survive with me. Could you guess what they are? Not cactuses, for sure!

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What is your favorite place in the world? Why?

My favorite place in the world is my sofa – it helps boost my melatonin level, configuring me to a deep sleep mode like our devices. Even if there were any triggers, I would not wake up.

What advice can you give to women considering a career in the telematics sector? What do you wish you had known? 

I personally would not count gender as a point at my work. I use my management skills and commitment to achieve and put effort into overcoming all the difficulties and reaching my goal. The telematics sector is fun for me. You could enjoy yourself digging for information from both the hardware and software sides. Even a tiny piece of the component on the PCB would make you Wow!!! on its performance. Ruptela has absolutely talented professional members who you could learn from. Nothing is hard if you try. Join us, and you will know it.

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