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There is always what to learn and where to grow in telematics

Ruptela’s Product Manager, Deividas Muckus, shares his experience and insights into what it takes to fuel your personal and professional growth in the field of telematics. He tells us about his journey with Ruptela and his exceptional Combat Engineer experience in the military as his special hobby!

Tell us more about yourself and what led you to your current position.

I’m a Product Manager at Ruptela. It has been quite a long journey here with Ruptela’s team! And my stubbornness, patience, and focus led me to where I am today.

When and why did you join Ruptela’s team?

I joined Ruptela in 2016, right after finishing my bachelor’s in physics. The welcoming attitude and comfort at work were the primary reasons I decided to join the company Ruptela, and everyone’s friendliness, helpfulness, and sociability proved it was the right decision. It really felt like I have discovered my other family – Ruptela’s family.

How does your journey at Ruptela looks like?

It has continued for more than 6 years already! I started as a Technical Support Specialist, then quickly learned all the basics of how our devices work and switched to a Technical Support Engineer position. After that, I realized that I could not only help our clients to fix their issues but also help them by actually developing new products. So, it made me apply for a Business Analyst role in the RnD department at Ruptela, which accelerated my further professional growth to the Product Owner position.

After creating new products, collaborating with developers, and building a sufficient background in transport telematics solutions, I was invited to assist our Business Development department. This was a great new chapter of my journey, moving away from all the in-depth technical details and focusing more on the products and business of the company. Currently, I am fully responsible for all the Hardware products and business here at Ruptela. It still feels like learning something new every day and finding new reasons to treasure my Ruptela’s family in this challenging journey!

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How do you start your day? Please share any rituals or tips&tricks that help you stay productive all day.

I usually start my day with a cup of tea and small talks in the office kitchen with my colleagues – this is a true mood-keeper and motivation booster for a whole day!

What motivates you to go to work every day?

My colleagues – Ruptela’s family.

What are your job’s most challenging and most cheering elements?

The most challenging part is responsibility. Some of my decisions affect the whole company, and I take ownership of it. On the other hand, beating huge challenges makes me happy about what I do – definitely, these are the most cheering elements of my job.

Tell us more about your hobbies.

I have to start with the least active here. Firstly, I have played airsoft in a professional team for over 4 years, and now this hobby is mainly switched to the military. Also, I love to go to nature and spend a few days enjoying the lake and fishing, cooking food there, and just chilling in the hammock.

Moreover, motocross racing is a big part of my life as I have been riding dirt bikes for about 15 years. I am an active member of Lithuania Enduro Club – I raced at the Baltic Motocross Championship with the motocross team of Vilnius, Enduro competitions, and other races for more than 8 years. Now, the lack of time and different priorities made it only a hobby for me, which I enjoyed a few times a year.

I must admit – my biggest hobby is volunteering in the Lithuanian military, being a huge part of my life, my second family to which I dedicate the most significant amount of my free time. It helps me grow as a person, team player, man, and defender of my loved ones. Seeing the current war in Ukraine and being close to this situation makes me know that only with a gun you can defend your family, home, and everything else you see and love around yourself.

Of course, the military is not only preparation for war – most things there are helpful to learn and use in work and everyday life. For example, leadership, physical and psychological strength, logic, fast decision-making, first aid, and many more.

I worked in the military as a Combat Engineer – explosives and demining specialist for over 4 years. After that, I am now teaching explosives-related things to new joiners in the military. Additionally, for almost 3 years, I have been mastering a marksman profession (similar to Sniper).

I could talk for hours when it comes to the military and its exciting details. However, it just won’t fit here in this interview. Feel free to always ask me in person!


Interesting facts about you.

I had three heart surgeries. I can jump 4 meters high and 25 meters long (with a bike). I was shocked by 220V electricity three times. I know how to disarm standard explosives. I can hit a headshot from 525 meters.

What is your favorite place in the world? Why?

Lithuania and its nature – this is where I was born, this is where I grew up, and this is where I will die. Sure, I have some other top places that I recommend visiting – Madeira, US West Coast, Canada, and maybe South America. But wherever I go, eventually, I want to go back home.

And the last one – could you share any advice for those who want to start their career in the telematics industry?

My advice is simple – be brave, committed, and do it! Telematics is a broad industry connecting many different work segments and specialists. You will always have what to learn and where to grow while working in telematics!