Alejandro profile
So, there you have it – a peek into the life of our amazing Senior FAE who’s always ready to learn, support clients across Mexico, Latam, and the US., and conquer new horizons! With 3.5 years of experience under his belt, Alejandro has proved that even without prior knowledge of GPS tracking or telematics, nothing can hold him back!
Starting from scratch, he climbed the ladder of success and earned the coveted title of Senior FAE by learning and continuously improving himself with the help of his colleagues. His secret sauce? Continuous learning & support!

Alejandro has an impressive work routine that involves cold showers, mobility exercises, oatmeal breakfast, and staying hydrated throughout the day. By following his daily rituals, he stays fit and energized to take on new challenges and tackle complex issues.

Outside work, Alejandro is a fitness enthusiast who loves lifting weights, engaging in cardio workouts, and watching sports events like basketball, F1 races, and American football. He also has a quirky hobby of collecting beer caps and glasses from around the world – with a preference for unique prints.
His advice for aspiring FAEs? Start by learning the principles of telematics, attend trade shows, and stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends to deliver the most effective solutions to clients.

Tell us more about yourself and what led you to your current position.

I am a senior field application engineer (FAE) supporting clients in Mexico, Latam, and the US. I have been with Ruptela for three years and a half, starting the position without prior knowledge of GPS tracking or telematics. However, with the assistance of my colleagues, I was able to learn and meet clients’ needs. My dedication and proficiency in the field led to my promotion to senior FAE. The three words are continuous learning & support.

When and why did you join Ruptela’s team?

In the past, specifically three years ago, I felt that I had reached a point in my career where I needed to seek out new challenges and take the following steps in my professional development. At that time, Ruptela was in the process of opening a new branch in Mexico and was actively seeking to hire new employees.

How does your journey at Ruptela looks like?

After successfully completing my probation period, I took on the role of supporting clients in the region. To gain a deeper understanding of their needs, I made it a point to visit them in person whenever possible. During these visits, I also offered assistance with the installation of our devices on their vehicles, which helped build stronger relationships with our clients.
Furthermore, I started to collect information to create content for our YouTube channel and to share relevant information on social media. This hands-on approach has enabled me to provide more effective support to clients during the onboarding process. Overall, my dedication to building strong relationships and providing exceptional service has been instrumental in enhancing client satisfaction and retention.

How do you start your day? Please share any rituals or tips&tricks that help you stay productive all-day.

The way I start my day is with a set ritual that I follow. The night before, I prepare myself by taking a cold shower and performing some mobility exercises. In the morning, I begin by washing my face with cold water to help me feel awake and refreshed. I then prepare a light breakfast, which usually consists of oatmeal with fresh fruits.
Once I have finished my breakfast, I start up my laptop and begin my work for the day. Throughout the day, I make sure to take short breaks to stretch my legs and give myself a break from sitting at my desk. Additionally, I make a conscious effort to stay hydrated by drinking between 2 to 4 liters of water daily.
Overall, my routine helps me stay energized and focused throughout the day and take care of my physical health by staying active and hydrated.

What motivates you to go to work every day?

As a professional, my primary goal is to assist clients in achieving their needs. To accomplish this, I stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends and developments to ensure that I provide the most relevant and effective solutions. Additionally, I take pride in being productive, ensuring that I deliver quality work in a timely manner.


What are your job’s most challenging and most cheering elements?

One of the most challenging aspects of our work is when a client reports issues or malfunctions with our devices. This requires us to conduct a thorough investigation to determine the root cause of the issue and develop an effective solution.
On the other hand, it is incredibly rewarding when clients congratulate our team for helping them acquire new clients or win new projects. It’s a testament to the hard work and collaboration that goes into achieving success.

Tell us more about your hobbies

In my free time, I enjoy pursuing my passion for fitness by lifting heavy weights at the gym and engaging in cardio workouts. On weekends, I prefer to relax at home and catch up on my favorite sports. I’m an avid fan of basketball, F1 races, American football, and strongest men competitions, so I love watching any of these events that happen to be in season.

Interesting facts about you.

I have a collection of about 80 beer caps that I have gathered from different countries. I have a particular preference for those with unique prints. In addition to my cap collection, I also have a collection of beer glasses.

What is your favorite place in the world? Why?

My favorite places are at the beach. I have enjoyed spending time in Tel Aviv, Miami, Cancun, and Mazatlan. There’s nothing quite like enjoying the sea, the hot weather, and a cold beer.

And the last one – could you share any advice for those who want to start their career in the telematics industry?

Start by learning and understanding the principles of telematics and how a company can benefit from a good telematics solution and platform. Use whatever tools are at hand, such as datasheets, tutorials, webinars, and more, to master the technology you’re working with.
Continue learning by reading newsletters and checking updates on manufacturer websites or social networks. If possible, attend trade shows to learn more about different technologies and providers.