Success Story: Partnership with Sixt

International well-known car rental company Sixt, was looking for a tracking solution to enhance the car rental processes. Main demands for telematics solution provider were high-quality trackers and ease-of-use aspect. Ruptela‘s FM-Tco4 LCV GPS tracker with Plug&Play installation solution was selected by Sixt company for the partnership.

Interview with Alexander Boone, Director Mobility Innovation at Sixt

"This customized tracking solution developed in common work with Ruptela has generated a great added value for the Sixt fleet.
The highly flexible technology embedded in the scalable Ruptela environment is one of the enablers of our digital strategy and process efficiency.” – Alexander Boone, Director Mobility Innovation

How Ruptela‘s support, technology and communication satisfies Sixt company needs?

Ruptela‘s offered support and technology cover all our business needs. As a company, we had the main vision – to create a huge added value to our customers by revolutionizing the way people can rent out the vehicles.

The way Ruptela is developing the technology which enables the highest quality connectivity to the vehicle making the interaction with it impeccable was one of the main pillars we chose them as our partners. Here I‘m talking purely from the business side, but Ruptela also proved to be excellent when it comes to their technical support and onboarding. Our engineers from Sixt are saying a huge thank you to Ruptela technical engineers as they were delighted with the support they received and the communication they had with the onboarding team.

How partnership with Ruptela helped you to fulfil your business vision?

I can say that the culture dominating within both companies, Ruptela and Sixt is very similar. Even if we are known as a rental company, our background is the same as Ruptela‘s – we are both tech companies, and what  fascinates us is the Agile environment nourished there trying to solve any arising problems. We both work in a very complex environment which is organized in line with security regulations and we understand the importance of suppliers strong involvement into business. Ruptela is always trying to find how can we mix it, how can we bring exactly the expectations of the customer to the street. Finally, the business environment that we create with Ruptela and their technology, enables us to meet the expectations of our customers and even exceed them providing our community with the best experience available on the market.

Why would you recommend Ruptela as a partner?

I would say that the first three things that come to my mind when I think of working with Ruptela is LEAN process, easy to work with and good communication.