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The first quarter of 2020 has been more challenging than expected. The coronavirus pandemic had an inevitable effect on the day-to-day organization of everyone’s life and business operations in every industry. Due to the latest trade and travel restrictions, the transport and logistics sector is among the ones affected the most, and dozens of companies have to find new solutions to transform their operations, ensuring continuous service delivery to their clients. 

How can modern, intelligent telematics solutions badvantageous in these uncertain times? 

Primarily, telematics solutions are intended to help businesses automate processes, increase their efficiency, and save costs. That is what TrustTrack is designed for – this multi-functional and modern fleet management platform helps companies manage their transport operations in real-time. Along with the optimization of the business, the prevention of any unnecessary external contact is imperative in the light of COVID-19 pandemic, and this is what the platform helps to achieve. While fleet owners and transport managers can track their vehicles and monitor drivers’ performance entirely remotely, drivers are given all the means to get out of their cabin as rarely as possible.  


Even if every business differs in its nature, the time factor is significantly important to everyone. Especially now, it is evident that there is a substantial increase in the global demand for some specific goods like medicine or other medical supplies, which must be delivered to the assigned locations at a particular time. Task and Route Planning module turns orders and field tasks into the fastest routes, sends them to drivers, and monitors drivers’ progress. It helps quickly manage changes, ensures smooth communication, and reporting with everyone involved. Reporting enables transport managers to select the most effective routes and assign the most suitable driver to complete the assignments. Not only fleet management platform allows the transport manager to track and monitor the vehicle, but it is also possible to share a unique link with the customer to keep him informed about the parcel’s route history and current status. The prediction of the estimated time of arrival is available since the early stage, therefore, companies can inform their partners and, in case there are any deviations, plan their further actions according to the situation.

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"Such features are undoubtedly crucial for pharmaceutical and medical supply companies, or businesses engaged in the transportation of perishable goods"


Is there an assignment to transport goods that require specific storage temperature conditions? Temperature sensors installed inside the refrigerated trailer allow the real-time monitoring of cargo temperature and generate reports with accurate temperature change information. When cargo temperature changes, notifications are sent to the responsible people (whether it’s a driver sitting at the front of the vehicle, or the fleet owner) via various channels allowing to take preventative actions. Such features are undoubtedly crucial for pharmaceutical and medical supply companies, or businesses engaged in the transportation of perishable goods.   


Similarly, getting information when the trailer doors are open and closed is very helpful in today’s situation when everyone is trying to take preventive actions to avoid the pandemic threat. Namely, door sensors installed to the trailer allows the driver and the fleet owner to know when and where the trailer door was open and closed without a physical inspectionTrustTrack connected to the device protects cargo by sending an email, SMS, or in-system notifications on door opening events to the transport manager or driver. This way the driver doesn’t have to leave the cabin to monitor the situation and the transport manager does not need to disturb the driver while he is driving. These notifications can also be sent on custom events, such as door opening at a specific time or location, which also ensures a more accurate real-time tracking of the vehicle and cargo.


TrustTrack helps to prevent fines for violating EU-regulation (EC) No 561/2006, analyze driver’s time easier and improve operations planning. Such a requirement is directly linked to tachograph and the vigilant supervision of the driver’s schedule.  Now, by using a fleet management system, it is possible to adjust the driving schedule to the drivers’ individual work schedules to make sure that each of them is complying with the correct working and rest time norms authorized by the law. Also, it makes it easier to manage the increased risk of driver fatigue more quickly. Importantly, by using TrustTrack it is possible to download the key data from company vehicle tachographs and driver cards in a completely secure manner without any unnecessary external contact. Employee supervision is essential in this respect; company owners can increase the safety of their employees during their daily work and also easily verify if their behavior exposes the company to additional financial costs in the form of penalties for non-compliance.   

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"Fuel costs can amount up to one-third of all fleet operating costs"


In addition to automating processes and increasing their efficiency, cutting costs during these challenging times is also crucial. Fuel costs can amount up to one-third of all fleet operating costs, that is why having an accurate fuel monitoring and control system is one of the main ways to cut operating costs and increase efficiency. TrustTrack helps businesses to minimize the risk of financial losses by providing a reliable way to discreetly and regularly monitor the fuel levels in company vehicles. Likewise, it also helps to keep up with the exact mileage of a specific vehicle which enables the upfront planning of technical maintenance or other necessary services to keep the business running.   

In the same way, presented analytics enable an assessment of what improvements can be introduceto increase the company fleet’s efficiency by warning drivers of technical conditions, vehicle failures, or possible hazards. By combining these features, businesses can take specific actions immediately to further save on expenditure and improve the safety of drivers. 


Eco-Drive solution provides driver behavior analytics and reports which show the driving skills and areas that need improvement. Namely, it helps to understand how an employee’s driving style should change to drive economically and minimize the possible fuel wastage. This accurate calculation is based on idling time, extreme or harsh brakings, RPM’s, and cruise control data.  

In addition to saving costs, this stored and displayed driver behavior information can be used to set-up a motivation or remuneration system for drivers. For example, drivers with the highest fuel efficiency and safe driving scores can be rewarded. This comes to be a supplementary incentive for employees who could be resistant to drive long distances due to the increased risks of COVID-19 pandemic.

"Using the modern fleet management platform helps to automate, optimize and save whilst streamlining the business"

Ruptela’s offered TrustTrack system is highly flexible and complex in its nature, meaning it can facilitate many different transport and logistics company owners who are required to rapidly respond and adapt to sudden changes in the market especially prominent during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

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