Moving 20 000 objects to TrustTrack – Saudi Executive Trading L.L.C. Case Study

Saudi Executive Trading Co. is a Saudi Arabia-based company that is licensed by The Communications and Information Technology Commission to provide GPS tracking services inside the country. The company serves a government, semi-government, and private sectors. It is one of the pioneer companies in the telematics and IoT solutions. Since 2008 the company offers automatic vehicle location solutions for different business segments, for instance, public services, car rental, gas and oil, delivery, utility, road construction companies, restaurants, etc.

      • Industry: Technology
      • Location: Middle East
      • Client since: 2016


Taking care of more than 500 clients could be challenging, especially when the quality of services and products are a priority. Saudi Executive offers real-time tracking, fuel monitoring, reports, notifications, geofencing functionalities, and various other tools to make fleet management more manageable. As the telematics industry is dynamic, the company always seeks for ways to redesign its operational processes.  The main goal for Saudi Executive is to improve clients’ cost-effectiveness on administrative tasks.

In the beginning, the client had Rupela as a GPS tracker provider and used to have 3rd party fleet management system providers.  Nevertheless, the workflow of the business process was inconvenient, and the expectations regarding the quality of fleet monitoring services were higher than 3rd party providers could deliver.

The rising need for additional functionalities and reliability for the fleet management platform encouraged Saudi Executive to launch a public procurement and look for a new software partner to fulfill customers’ needs.


As Ruptela was a long-term partner with Saudi Executive, there was a natural interest to help this client succeed by providing the best quality services. Initially, Ruptela listened to the client. The team of 5 was involved in discussions and negotiations to find the best solution that could fit public procurement requirements and provide value to the client.

Fleet management platform TrustTrack impressed the client with its user-friendly and easy-to-use experience, variety of functionalities, and the opportunity to develop customized features.

A complete solution to guarantee the continuous operations and stability in product quality was everything that client was looking for. Today Ruptela equips Saudi Executive with GPS tracking devices such as Eco4, Eco4+, Eco4 light, Tco4 LCV, various accessories such as iButton, relay, panic button, block engine, etc. that are used to ensure increased driver, vehicle, trailer safety, and security. All the collected trip data is seen in the real-time tracking platform with new functions developed every two weeks according to the client’s needs. The most used functionalities are Geozones to manage vehicles with pre-set work areas and Reports to analyze different vehicle data.

Importantly, in addition to the hardware and software products developed by Ruptela, full support, onboarding programs, and sales training sessions in the Arabic language are included as a part of the complete solution offered to the client.


The project started at the beginning of 2020, and it is still too soon to calculate the early results. However, 20 000 objects today are launched on TrustTrack platform and the Projects & Ops Dept. Manager at Saudi Executive Co, Abdullrhman Al Farram says:

Photo Abdullrhman Al Farram 004

“With a new era of the Telematics and IoT business solutions, there are many challenges for the companies to find a proper central platform that can manage, monitor and control their assets easily and automatically to enhance the business operation’s processes efficiently. Today we believe that we achieve the extra mile with RUPTELA to use TrustTrack IoT platform which has a solid core and the capability to be integrated with other cloud or on-premises solutions by using API besides the advanced features that facilitate our client’s business operations. We have a high level of support from RUPTELA team with a prompt response that is highly appreciated. Thanks, RUPTELA and keep it up!