Ruptela’s Response to Global Pandemic

As the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic spreads, we’re taking preventative actions to run our business as usual, while keeping everyone involved safe and healthy.

Working remotely

Starting from March 16th, all our employees at headquarters in Lithuania, whose nature of work allows, are working remotely from their homes. We are doing this to prevent coronavirus spread and keep our employees and their families safe.

As a company, we have a long-standing practice of working remotely and we are confident it will not affect our promises to our customers. Since the measures can take a couple of months globally and it’s huge uncertainty, we want to promote remote meetings and talk to you about all the questions remotely instead of waiting for the face to face meetings. We think it is important for all business community to learn this new way of remote working and remote meetings for the sake of the global economy and each company as well.

Manufacturing and delivering

At the moment we are manufacturing and delivering as usual. We are periodically updating with our global logistics partners and they are committed to fulfilling their promises, but due to high uncertainty, some delays might be possible in the future. We will update you if the situation changes.

Looking for opportunities

We understand that some of us might be hit by customers from tourism or retail business disruptions, but each crisis is also an opportunity. So we suggest looking at grocery delivery, food delivery, pharma, local courier sectors, where now it’s a sudden spike of need for efficiency. We think there’s an opportunity for all of us.

Clean and safe tracking devices

Please note that Ruptela tracking devices are clean and safe to use. We have taken strict measures to protect our manufacturing facility and tracking devices from coronavirus.

We Care

These are challenging times for people and business everywhere in the world. We are following World Health Organization recommendations and suggest everyone do the same.

We will update you when we see the situation is changing, and also please communicate with us about how Ruptela can help you or opportunities you find. We want to get over these difficult times by supporting each other.

Stay safe,
Ruptela Team