Ruptela Receives Verizon Certification for Trace5 GPS Tracking Device

Earlier this year we have announced the expansion of its global presence to the United States with a tailored ready-to-use telematics solution – Trace 5 GPS tracking device and multifunctional fleet management platform “TrustTrack.”

After running multiple functional capability tests and submitting proof to support the highest quality and reliability standard, Ruptela’s Trace 5 GPS tracking device has been officially approved through Verizon’s Open Development certification process. Such certification indicates that Ruptela’s tracking device is licensed to operate on the most reliable wireless data network in the United States and meets the highest quality standard.

“Since the establishment of the company, Ruptela’s team is dedicated to developing the superior quality and the most durable hardware devices that can be used by our clients in various transport industry sectors. It was extremely rewarding to hear that such a reputable network provider in North America has recognized Trace5, and we passed Verizon’s Open Development certification process. Only a few other competing companies that are manufacturing GPS tracking devices have been awarded this certification, and this gives us additional confidence and motivation to continue our work. Our previously presented devices have a proven 99.9% quality rate, and this shows that we are following the right path, not only identifying the existing market demand but also pushing the industry standard even further.

Becoming one of a few Verizon certified companies in GPS tracking business indicates that we are a strong competitor for companies that have been operating in the U.S. market for a long time,” – said Arunas Venclovas, head of Hardware Business Development.

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Trace5 GPS tracking device is a part of the complete solution offered by Ruptela that is built for automating fleet management operations and processes. It enables the users to reduce expenditure on fuel, vehicle maintenance, and personnel, creating added value for clients in a short and a long-term perspective.