Ruptela – Export Company of the Year

Ruptela was chosen as the Export Company of the Year in “Lithuanian Business Leaders” award program held by “Business News” portal and “Luminor” bank.

Customer-centric approach

“This award confirms, that we have the right strategy and approach towards customers. To put it simply, everything that we do is based on customer-centric approach. We create our products and services with one thing in mind – how to do it, so that customer would get the best value with minimal efforts from his side. When we apply this approach throughout the whole company, we manage to satisfy our clients and this results in increased export volumes” – said Ignas Vosylius, the Head of Sales and Marketing in Ruptela.

Product localization

According to Ignas, localizing products and services to specific market needs also had an important role. “Customers in Mexico, Philippines and Italy might be doing the same business, let’s say providing delivery services, but they usually face different challenges for which they look solution from us. Therefore, we are always adapting our products and services according to different markets” – said Ignas.

Ruptela Export Company of the Year

International team

Ignas points out, that becoming Export Company of the Year wouldn‘t be possible without the highly international team across all departments, which speaks 15 languages and is able to overcome any cultural difficulties. Ruptela CEO, sales managers, field engineers and tech. support specialists participate in trade shows and take frequent business trips. This gives a deeper understanding of customer specifics, allows to train their staff and quickly solve any difficulties.

2 months business trip

“Customer centricity led us to some interesting experiments in the company. Although our sales managers are always travelling to visit the customers, the trip usually takes around 2 weeks. Recently one sales manager had a business trip that lasted for 2 months. It was a big challenge however, it brought company even closer to the customers” – said Ignas.

Loyal customers

Finally, Ignas adds that during 10 years of business, Ruptela acquired a large base of loyal customers. They help company to grow by recommending it to others and by introducing Ruptela solutions to their local markets.

Today Ruptela exports products to 127 countries and last year 86% of company revenues came from export. Company mainly works with Europe, Africa, Middle East, Asia and Latin America regions.

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