Ruptela Day 2019

Sharing knowledge and being transparent is the way that we build trust with our business partners. One of the ways we do this is by organizing a conference for our partners. It is called Ruptela Day 2019, and it is the second time that we had such a conference.

Here is a summary of what it was like and what to expect from the upcoming Ruptela Day conferences.

Ruptela Day 2019 lasted for three days from September 18th to 20th. The conference took place in Vilnius, Lithuania, where our headquarters are.

Conference day

September 19th was the main conference day with keynote speakers, workshops and other activities.

The first part of the day was devoted to sharing our plans for the future and product roadmaps. After that, a panel discussion followed where we reviewed transport telematics market trends and shared insights.

The first part was ended by our guest speakers from Sixt, Etisalat and CargoTrack. They shared how working with Ruptela enabled them to launch new services and achieve desired business results.

The second part was divided into three sessions, that were dedicated to Full Solution, Hardware and Business Development. Each session had a series of workshops, discussions and presentations. These were more hands-on activities, that gave practical knowledge and new ideas for our partners and us.

The main conference day ended with a closing dinner and an afterparty.

Office days

On September 18th and 20th, we had so-called Office Days. During these days our partners could meet with anyone from Ruptela by booking a personal meeting. CEO, CTO, CFO, engineers, developers, analytics, product owners and everybody else discussed and worked on topics, that were relevant to meeting participants.

These 1-on-1 meetings prove to be highly efficient – it helps to improve knowledge of our products, find new applications and solve any issues. What’s a better way to learn about a product than talking directly to the people who created it?

9 out of 10

Ruptela Day 2019 participants gave this conference 9 out of 10 points. We had participants from 30 countries, and some even travelled from as far as Chile and Japan! In total, 18 presentations, discussions and workshops took place together with hundreds of personal meetings.

We believe that by being open with our partners, by showing how we live and operate from inside is essential to build trust and successful business partnership.