Ruptela Day 2018 overview

A few months ago, we had our own conference – Ruptela Day 2018. For 3 days a few dozens of our customers got to know our company better – they saw how products are created, what are the processes and methods used, met people behind the code lines and saw telematics the way we see.

The event lasted for three days from 19th to 21st of September with each day being different than the previous.


Office Day

On the 19th of September we invited customers to visit our headquarters and meet people who create our products and services.

Meeting with engineers, programmers, analytics and other specialists proved to be useful for both sides. Customers deepened their knowledge in telematics, learned new ways to apply our products and also gave us a bunch of good ideas.

Conference Day

20th of September was the highlight of Ruptela Day 2018 – we had a conference dedicated to our future plans, market trends and insights, case studies and more.

12 presenters – Ruptela CEO, Field Application Engineer, our customers and others made presentations which some simply called “an eye opener”.

Sightseeing day

The last day, 21st of September, was all about spending good time together and exploring the wonders of Lithuania.

Visits to beautiful Trakai island castle, Vilnius old town exploration and other activities helped us to get to know each other better and even made new friendships.


To get a better feeling what was it about watch an aftermovie.