Ruptela announces its expansion to the U.S. Market

St. Petersburg, Florida – May 12, 2020 – One of the fastest-growing European transport telematics companies Ruptela announced the expansion of its global presence to the United States with a tailored ready-to-use telematics solution – Trace 5 GPS tracker and multifunctional fleet management platform “TrustTrack”.

Ruptela’s developed Plug&Play GPS-based Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) tracker has LTE Cat M1 (4G) connectivity and an integrated battery. It is fully certified according to the North American requirements and has a 2-year warranty supporting its prime quality. Alongside this, the company offers “TrustTrack “- an advanced telematics platform that helps businesses manage their transport resources more efficiently. It connects dispatchers and drivers, enables real-time monitoring, drivers’ management, and generates trip reports – everything a regular user might need.

To create the transport management solution meeting the local demand, Ruptela’s Research and Development team analyzed the needs of prospective clients and ran product tests on various roads around the US. Andrius Rupsys, the founder and CEO of Ruptela, calls the release of a telematics solution tailored to the U.S. market as a significant milestone in the further expansion of the company. “We are entering the U.S. market confident about our solution for businesses eager to improve their efficiency, whether these are delivery, service fleets, vehicle leasing and financing (BHPH), or car rental companies. As a customer-centric company, we always seek to reduce our clients’ efforts by accelerating ease of use, prediction and automation. We believe that with the right measures, less effort can lead to more growth. Beyond that, our goal is to provide clients with solutions to the issues they are not even aware of yet. To do so, we offer the full solution including hardware and software manufactured and developed in the European Union, which is completed by cellular connectivity and the highest European quality support valued by Ruptela’s clients across the globe”, said Andrius Rupsys.

Presenting this world-class solution for an optimal price, the company states that “Premium telematics is now affordable.” Along with the full fleet management solution, Ruptela also offers individual onboarding (covering software and hardware), and free technical support, which ensures that clients can start using the product instantly. Depending on the expressed need, their manufactured hardware can be bought separately.

System integrators helping businesses streamline transport operations should take note – functionality and price balance offered by Ruptela takes modern telematics to another level. For a limited time only, first-time users are entitled to a special offer saving them software activation fee and gifting valuable extras.

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ABOUT THE COMPANY: Ruptela is an international telematics company established in 2007 with its headquarters in Vilnius, Lithuania and seven foreign branches including a local US-based company registered in Florida. They develop, design and manufacture hardware, firmware and software products for fleet management and GPS tracking.

Since the establishment, Ruptela has expanded its global presence to 127 countries. Their customer-centricity has been acknowledged, and the company has been awarded the European Connected Fleet Customer Value Leadership Award from Frost & Sullivan in 2019.