Reefer Solution

Reefer Solution:

Your cargo's guardian in transit!

Streamlined Cargo Condition Monitoring with Thermoking SLX and HCV5.

In the realm of cargo transportation, ensuring the optimal condition of goods in transit is paramount. In this context, the collaboration between Thermoking SLX and the innovative HCV5 technology promises a game-changing solution. This partnership goes beyond the ordinary, offering enhanced functionality that simplifies cargo monitoring and elevates cargo protection to a new level.

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One of the standout features of HCV5 is its ability to extract data directly from the reefer CAN (Controller Area Network) system without the need for costly add-ons or elaborate modifications. This ingenious approach eliminates the financial burden associated with additional equipment while ensuring that critical cargo data is readily accessible.

Installation is often a bottleneck in implementing new technologies, but with custom harnesses specifically designed for this solution, the process becomes a breeze. These tailor-made harnesses not only facilitate straightforward installation but also guarantee an uninterrupted flow of data. This ensures that logistics managers and drivers can rely on real-time information about their cargo’s condition without any hiccups.

The power of this collaborative solution shines when it comes to safeguarding perishable goods that are susceptible to rapid deterioration during transit. It provides an early warning system that alerts stakeholders to potential threats to cargo integrity. For instance, the system can promptly notify the logistics manager or driver if the trailer door is unexpectedly opened during transport, minimizing the risk of theft or tampering. Furthermore, it continuously monitors the trailer’s internal temperature, immediately flagging any deviations. This vigilance empowers logistics managers and drivers to take timely action to protect the cargo from temperature fluctuations that could compromise its quality.

Main benefits:


Monitor reefer’s position and operational data (working mode, discharge, and return temperatures, evaporator coil temperature, compressor RPM, battery voltage, engine working hours, working hours from electricity grid, temperature setpoint, and number of error codes).


Change setpoint remotely (via SMS or command from server).


Get notifications when the temperature is above/below limits.


Ability to connect additional 1-wire or BLE temperature sensors, door sensors, and digital fuel level Sensors.

The solution allows to monitor:

  • Battery voltage
  • Total electric hours
  • Total vehicle hours
  • Total engine hours
  • Return air temperature (from up to 3 zones)
  • Setpoint temperature (from up to 3 zones)
  • Operating mode
  • Cycle mode
  • Discharge air temperature
  • Evaporator coil temperature
  • Coolant temperature
  • Compressor RPM
  • Ambient temperature
  • Alarm count
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Supported Thermoking Trailer reefers

  • SLXi
  • SLXe
  • SLX
  • SB and all other models with SmartReefer-2
  • SmartReefer-3 and SmartReefer-4 controllers.

In summary, the partnership between Thermoking SLX and HCV5 is a groundbreaking advancement in cargo condition monitoring. It simplifies the process, reduces costs, and offers robust protection for goods in transit, particularly those that are highly susceptible to spoilage. With the ability to monitor cargo conditions in real-time and respond swiftly to potential issues, this solution gives logistics professionals the confidence they need to ensure the safe and secure delivery of goods.