Quick Start Guide: Trace5

Follow this 6 step guide to successfully install a Trace5 GPS tracking device.

Package Contents

Your package contains:

  • A Trace5 device
  • An OBD2 installation harness
  • Zip-ties
  • Double-sided adhesive tape

Login Details

Server address: track2.ruptela.com

Login details are sent to you via e-mail. If you have not received them, please contact your sales manager.

Need Help?

More information:

1. Locate OBD2 socket

Locate the OBD2 socket in your vehicle. It is typically found on the driver side under the dashboard.

2. Connect the OBD2 harness

Connect the OBD2 harness to the OBD2 socket. Connect the other end to the Trace5 device.

3. Attach the device

Attach the device to the vehicle near the top of the dashboard using zip-ties and double-sided tape. Make sure the device label is facing towards the sky and is not covered by metal.

4. Start the vehicle

Start the vehicle, drive outside (if the vehicle is in a building) and wait for several minutes. Keep the engine running until the LED is on, blinking once every 4 seconds.

5. Launch TrustTrack App

Launch the TrustTrack app. Enter your server (track2.ruptela.com) and login details. Check if your vehicle status and location are updated. Download TrustTrack app (Android / iOS):


6. Turn off the ignition

Turn off the ignition. Make sure that all panels are reattached and there are no hanging wires.

And that is it! Trace5 installation is complete.

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Trace5 Patents

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