Polish transport company Olimpia on success using TrustTrack

Polish transport company Olimpia uses TrustTrack system for some time. Olimpia specializes in routes to Great Britain and Scandinavia. The company’s fleet consists of 16 vehicles.

How did it all started?

Ruptela’s TrustTrack was implemented at Olympia about two years ago. Previously, employees used a different telematics system. However, after the ownership of previous system‘s manufacturer has changed, it was no longer updated. For a long time, no steps have been taken to modernize the software and adapt it to customer requirements. Employees indicated that the software lacked important functions, including geozones or the ability to generate complete reports. The system was also very unstable. Therefore, Olympia’s management decided to look for a different solution.

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Why TrustTrack?

The first contact of Ruptela’s sales representative with Olympia’s management took place several months before the final implementation of the system. The representative has been contacting regularly since then, presenting the TrustTrack capabilities. Among the features of the program that determined its choice was the ability to remotely download data from tachographs and driver cards. Competitors often charge extra for this function. Since an important factor when choosing a telematics system in the company was the value for money, the final decision was clear.

Another desirable features was the ability to create detailed reports on the course of the order/route and the stability of the application during sea journeys on ferries.

Effortless implementation 

After Olimpia’s decision to use Ruptela’s services, the implementation of the system in the company was planned. Thanks to the mobile service, the whole operation was done without the need to ground the vehicles, which helped company to avoid significant losses. Ruptela’s representatives came to the company several times, each time on the agreed morning hours, before the trucks set off on the road. As a result, there was no interference with drivers’ working time and vehicle availability.

Smooth operating & benefits 

Since the installation of the TrustTrack system in the Olympia’s database, the most significant functions of the software have become the ability to remotely read data from driver cards and tachographs (the system downloads them automatically once a week), as well as real-time vehicle tracking, checking the history of events and orders, generating complete reports on about journeys and controlling fuel levels in vehicles. Thanks to the integration with the 4Trans program used in Olimpia to handle some of the company’s processes, the settlement of journeys has become almost automatic. Both systems communicate with each other – using TrustTrack enables very easy export of the necessary data in such a way that they can be used in a different environment. The information obtained by the Ruptela’s system is also used to control vehicle operating expenses.

After the implementation of the TrustTrack system, Olimpias employees did not need much time to switch to using other software, despite clear differences in the interface. During the lifetime of the system at the company, there were occasional contacts with technical support, mostly to report improvements.

At Olimpia, drivers do not use a mobile application correlated with the TrustTrack system. Due to the stable nature of the courses performed by drivers in the company, the dispatcher does not use the route planning functions and assigning tasks. Installation of TrustTrack, however, significantly facilitated settlements within the company and automated these processes, thanks to the automatic reading of data from tachographs, the possibility of archiving and exporting them.

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