Vehicle tracking for Sixt

To improve car rental processes, Sixt uses Ruptela's tracking solution. Over 10 000 Sixt cars are running with Ruptela GPS trackers since March of 2019.

Back in 2018 Sixt needed a tracking solution to improve the car rental process.

High-quality trackers and ease of use were the main demands for tracking solutions provider.

Sixt chose Ruptela’s FM-Tco4 LCV GPS tracker with Plug&Play installation solution.

The FM-Tco4 LCV is used to monitor fuel level, mileage and get start and end coordinates of the trip.

"This customised tracking solution developed in common work with Ruptela has generated a great added value for the Sixt fleet. The highly flexible technology embedded in the scalable Ruptela environment is one of the enablers of our digital strategy and process efficiency.” – Boone Alexander, Director Mobility Innovation

Mix of quality and ease

FM-Tco4 LCV comes with an outstanding quality rate of 99.9%. 10 years of experience in telematics and projects in 127 countries made Ruptela an expert in GPS trackers design and manufacturing.

Plug&Play installation solution – faster and cheaper installation, fewer mistakes, no wire cutting and no violation of vehicles warranty.


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