One Million Tracking Devices Manufactured

That’s right – one million black boxes with Ruptela’s name on it are already travelling around the world.

With 1+ million GPS trackers manufactured we are confidently becoming one of the top choices for GPS tracking solutions. The one-millionth tracker went to a long-time partner Autogear from Norway. Here is the story of Autogear and Ruptela.

Autogear from Norway

For the last two years, Autogear has been using Ruptela solutions and successfully becoming a market leader in Norway.

Today, Autogear has 19 employees and 2 million euros yearly revenue, most of which are a recurring revenue from 7500 live units. Company’s primary focus is mileage reimbursement. As Autogear’s Chief Commercial Officer Jostein explains “if you are using your private car at work for business purposes you get a tax-free refund from the company “.

Most of Autogear‘s customers are self-employed people and small companies with 1-9 employees. Sales managers, real estate brokers and others seek for mileage reimbursement as at the end of the month travel expenses add up significantly.

“Chemistry and service level between our and Ruptela people is a huge factor. It gives us drive and allows us to grow together.” – Jostein, Chief Commercial Officer at Autogear

To reimburse mileage Autogear develops an electronic driving book which automatically logs business and private trips. This web application gets data directly from TrustTrack.

autogear logo 1

To gather data from its customers Autogear uses Ruptela’s FM-Plug4 GPS tracker. By now, over 5200 FM-Plug4 trackers are used by Autogear’s customers.

Jostein says, that Autogear choose Ruptela for the full-service solution – getting GPS tracking hardware, SIM card and gateway in one package. Working with one supplier makes it easier to solve any issues and assure top quality service for their customers.

Visit Autogear website to learn more –

Autogear receives one-millionth tracker from Ruptela.