New EU Tachograph Regulations: Penalties and Preparation for Logistic Companies

New EU Tachograph Regulations:

Penalties and Preparation
for Logistic Companies

Starting January 1, 2025, logistic companies across Europe will face stringent penalties if they fail to comply with new EU tachograph regulations. These regulations require the retrofitting of new Smart Tachographs Version 2 in trucks used for cross-border operations. This article provides essential information on the upcoming changes, penalties for non-compliance, and steps you can take to ensure your fleet is prepared.

Understanding the New Tachograph Regulations

The European Union has introduced new tachograph regulations to enhance road safety, prevent data manipulation, and ensure fair competition among transport companies. By the end of 2024, all old analog or digital tachographs in trucks used for cross-border operations must be replaced, excluding Smart Tachographs Version 1. By August 2025, all Smart Tachographs Version 1 used for cross-border operations must be upgraded to second-generation smart tachographs. 

Key dates to remember: 

  • December 31, 2024: Deadline for replacing all old analog or digital tachographs in trucks used for cross-border operations. 
  • August 21, 2025: Deadline for replacing all Smart Tachographs Version 1 used for cross-border assignments. 
  • July 1, 2026: Mandatory adoption of second-generation Smart Tachographs for light commercial vehicles (2.5 to 3.5 tones) in cross-border traffic. 

Penalties for Non-Compliance

Failure to comply with the new tachograph regulations will result in significant penalties. These penalties vary across different EU countries but generally include robust fines and potential operational disruptions. Here is a summary of penalties in key EU countries: 

  • Germany: €1,500 
  • Poland: €2,278 
  • Slovakia: €1,659 – €16,596 
  • Austria: €400 – €5,000 
  • Italy: €866 to €3,464; owners may also face fines from €831 to €3,328 and must rectify the issue within 10 days. 
  • Spain: €2,001 
  • France: One year in prison and a fine of €30,000 
  • Slovenia: Up to €1,500 
  • Hungary: €2,057.01 
  • Croatia: €663.61 – €1,327.22 
  • Portugal: €1,200 to €6,000 
  • UK: €355 
  • Netherlands: €4,400 
  • Czech Republic: Approx. €14,000 
  • Greece: €3,000 
  • Serbia: €1,700
  • Malta: €58.23 

Importance of Compliance

Complying with the new regulations is not only about avoiding penalties. Smart Tachographs Version 2 offers numerous benefits, including enhanced safety through better monitoring of driving and rest times, prevention of data manipulation, and streamlined checks that reduce delays during inspections. 

Preparing for the Retrofit

As the deadline for retrofitting old analog or digital tachographs approaches, logistic companies must take proactive measures to ensure compliance and avoid severe penalties. Effective planning is key, but leveraging advanced fleet management solutions like Ruptela’s remote tachograph solution can simplify this process, ensuring that fleet operations remain smooth and efficient. 

Simplify Fleet Management with Ruptela’s Remote Tachograph Solution

Ruptela offers a cutting-edge remote tachograph solution via their HCV5 and HCV5 Lite devices. These solutions are designed to streamline tachograph file management, providing fleet operators with the speed, simplicity, and accuracy needed to handle the new regulations effortlessly. 

Key Features of Ruptela’s Remote Tachograph Solution


Automated Data Handling

Ruptela’s HCV5 and HCV5 Lite devices enable fleet managers to automate the download of tachograph and driver card files. This automation can be customized according to the fleet’s specific schedule and settings, ensuring that data is consistently updated without manual intervention. 


Comprehensive File Management

The solution supports multiple file formats, including .DDD, .tgd, and .v1b. Files can be downloaded individually or simultaneously for vehicles, drivers, or driver groups, making it easier to manage large fleets with diverse data requirements. 


Seamless Data Transfer

Via the Ruptela’s TrustTrack platform, Tachograph and driver .DDD files can be seamlessly and automatically transferred to your fleet management server, FTP servers, or the VDO platform. This feature ensures that all necessary data is stored securely and can be accessed easily by authorized personnel. 

Benefits of Implementing Ruptela’s Solution


Efficiency and Accuracy

By automating the download and transfer of tachograph data, Ruptela’s solution reduces the risk of human error and ensures that all data is accurately recorded and stored. This automation not only saves time but also ensures compliance with the new EU regulations. 


Enhanced Compliance

With the ability to handle and transfer data seamlessly, fleet operators can ensure they are always in compliance with the latest tachograph regulations. This reduces the risk of incurring penalties and enhances the overall efficiency of fleet operations.


Stress Reduction

Automating routine tasks associated with tachograph data management allows fleet managers and drivers to focus on more critical aspects of their operations. This reduces stress and contributes to a more efficient and effective work environment. 

Why Choose Ruptela?

Ruptela’s remote tachograph solutions stand out due to their reliability, ease of use, and comprehensive feature set. By choosing Ruptela, fleet operators can ensure that they are not only compliant with the new EU tachograph regulations but also optimizing their operations for greater efficiency and accuracy. 


As the deadline for tachograph retrofits approaches, logistic companies must act swiftly to ensure compliance. Leveraging advanced fleet management solutions like Ruptela’s HCV5 and HCV5 Lite can significantly simplify this process. With features designed for speed, simplicity, and accuracy, Ruptela’s remote tachograph solutions provide the tools needed to handle tachograph data effortlessly and ensure your fleet is always compliant with the latest regulations. Prepare your fleet now to avoid penalties and streamline your operations with Ruptela. 

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