Motivating Developers to Succeed Together

Imagine – you are preparing for a battle and looking for highly skilled soldiers to join you. You are competing with numerous other war leaders, and all of you have the same excellent ammunition and a similar experience. How do you make sure that the best soldiers will choose you and stay by your side? This simulation is identical to looking for software engineers and developers in the current job market.

Vaidas Mileikis, our Development Manager in the Software department, listed five key points that make the special forces league soldiers choose Ruptela and stick by our side while following our vision, which is changing the world.

Friendly and uncomplicated recruitment. We have an outstanding ratio of people making the right decision to join our team. One of the reasons is a simple, honest, and friendly hiring process – fewer meetings, interest in the candidate expectations and strengths, dialogue over the questionnaire and honest feedback.

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Challenging product. We are developing TrustTrack product, which we all mutually believe in. It is a complex yet exciting product, built with the right UX approach and a robust technological backbone from the early stages. High loads of near-real-time data and requirements of very high availability bring enough challenges for both Back-end and Front-end development.

The talented team around. With BIG plans and complex challenges, we could not move far without this type of colleagues around. “I am proud to have such cool and experienced colleagues around who can tackle any challenge” – Vaidas said. Our tech leads are trainers for less experienced colleagues and the best ambassadors during interviews.

The very best management. Having a highly motivated and experienced management team focusing on results from help, support, and collaboration angles are crucial elements for development teams to perform at their best velocity.

Agile. Many companies call themselves agile, yet, not too many of them are implementing this methodology right. “I have personally been in 5 different organizations with an Agile mindset before so that I can compare. The approach we are using at Ruptela, I support and value the most” – Vaidas shared.

People say that the war over talent is already over because the talent has won. Anyway, this list adapts not only to tech-people but also to every employee who is hard to motivate by beanbags, free snacks, or even higher salaries nowadays. Top soldiers choose top generals because of their beliefs, values, and vision match. And at Ruptela we make sure that it is often reminded and worked accordingly with a spice of challenge upfront.