New era of laser labels on Ruptela devices!

The new era of laser labels on Ruptela devices!

Laser machine 2 scaled

Ruptela is taking one step further by changing the exterior of our devices! From the beginning of 2023 January, laser integration will be introduced in our production line, meaning that all Ruptela products will be distinguished by laser-printed labels placed directly on the device body.

Laser machine 1 scaled

Why do we decide to change how we print our devices’ labels?

Sustainability is the inevitable driving force for Ruptela, and that‘s why we researched the opportunities to change our manufacturing process to further develop it. Due to this reason, we bought a laser machine for our manufacturing department in Kaunas some time ago.

Of course, finding the best label design and quality took a bit of time. As you know, Ruptela manufactures everything in-house, and our technologists continuously expand their know-how about new processes, the environment, etc. Knowing that sticky labels can last less due to the transportation process, we also clearly understand the main advantages of these new laser-cut labels, including more extended longevity and avoiding label damage.