Ruptela is presenting integration with Polish e-TOLL system

Having routes through Poland? Ruptela is presenting you integration with Polish e-TOLL system for automatic road toll payment.

Types of vehicles for which e-TOLL payments apply:

• A vehicle or combination of vehicles with a maximum permissible weight exceeding 3.5 tonnes;

• Any bus with a maximum permissible weight with +9 seats.

Ruptela’s integration with the New Electronic Toll Collection System allows you to automatically pay for road tolls in Poland without any additional platforms or gadgets.


  • Save time – Pay taxes automatically without the need to visit the e-TOLL platform or use the additional gadgets.
  • Avoid fines –  Avoid the risk of a fine in case the driver changes a pre-planned route.
  • Optimize your operations – Make payments remotely and take advantage of having all the relevant payment data in one place.
  • Save money – Report your real-time travel location and pay the exact amount of tolls automatically, even if you change your destination.
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